Bell Tolls : Tomorrows Truncated India

R K Ohri, Manas, 2006, 284 p, tables, maps, ISBN : 8170492947, $28.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Foreword. Acknowledgment. Introduction. 1. Demography as destiny. 2. Warnings from census 2001. 3. Doctoring population data. 4. Terminator Tsunami. 5. Growing ungovernability of north-east. 6. Crescent corridor across Yadava Turf. 7. The bell tolls. 8. Secular Graffiti and Hindu Dilemma. 9. The looming threat ahead. Endnotes. Appendices. Index.

"The Bell Tolls: Tomorrow's Truncated India, is a topical study of the messy political scene of contemporary India. In contents and thought it is substantially different from run-of-the-mill political tracts most of which tend to ignore the twin formidable threat of Islamic terrorism and impending demographic crisis to the unity of Indian nation. Not many Indians know that Christian Europe is heading for a demographic disaster which could destroy its Christian identity. Niall Ferguson, a strategic analyst who teaches contemporary history at Harvard University, alerted the western nations more than two years ago that in another fifty years Europe could become a Muslim majority continent. Due to rapid decline in the fertility level of Hindus and allied faiths in several states and sensitive regions, India too could face a similar threat.

The author has highlighted the damage caused to good governance by the lengthening shadow of parochial politics, supported by radical Islam and myopic leftist leadership. The emergence of several casteist parties and regional satraps, functioning in tandem with self-seeking leftist groups, has systematically undermined most democratic institutions. The resultant political destabilization could sound death knell of Indian democracy. The author has also exposed central government's clumsy fudging of census 2001 by omitting 3.67 crore Indians from census 2001 analysis and recourse to questionable deletion of the census data of four preceding decades with retrospective effect.

India being the only bulwark of secularism pitted against Jihadist Islam in South Asia stands marked as the next civilisational battleground. Unless effective remedial measures are initiated right now the grim political situation has the potential to push India towards the 'Dangerous decades' of disunity, political upheavals and divisiveness, as forecast in 1960 by Selig S. Harrison, in his perceptive tome, India: the most dangerous decades." (jacket)

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