A Decade of WTO and Indian Economy

Edited by S.B. Yadav, Sumit Enterprise, 2006, xii, 268 p, tables, ISBN : 8184200005, $37.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Decade of WTO and Indian Economy/edited by S.B. Yadav

Contents: Acknowledgement. Preface. List of contributors. I. General: 1. WTO and its impact on Indian economy/S.M. Jawed Akhtar. 2. WTO: a decade of its performance and tasks ahead/L.N. Nathuramka. 3. Impact of WTO on inequalities, poverty and growth in developing countries/Mohd Jzhar Ahmad. II. Agricultural and rural development: 4. World Trade Organization and some implications or crop farming in India/Amar Singh Guleria and Nagesh Singh. 5. Intellectual property rights in agriculture-some implications for India/S.D. Chamola and Atul Dhingra. 6. Challenges of WTO and agricultural marketing/J.S. yadav. 7. Policy reforms and agricultural performance: emerging issues/S.C. Srivastava. 8. WTO & commercialization of agriculture/Subash Singh Yadav. 9. Challenges for dairy sector in India post WTO Agreements On Agriculture (AOA)/Raghuvir Singh. 10. The solitude of WTO and rural development: some lessons for mitigating persistent poverty/S.K. Singh and P. Praveena Sri. 11. Indian agriculture under WTO agreement/S.B. Yadav and Kalpana Yadav. 12. Intellectual property right and medicinal plants/J.S. Hooda, C.S. Tyagi, O.P. Yadav and P.K. Vema. 13. Anti dumping and anti subsidy measures/J.S. Yadav. 14. AOA and Indian agriculture: implications and safeguards/Ch Radhika Rani. 15. WTO and export opportunities in non-traditional farm products/Subash Singh Yadav. III. Trade and industry: 16. WTO and Indian trade: a tactful compass of opportunity and exploitation/M.P. Singh and Pramod Kumar Jha. 17. Impact of WTO on Indian agriculture and industry/Kamal Vatta. IV. Education and environment: 18. WTO and higher education/R.C. Bairwa. 19. Environment and development: international perception with reference to WTO. 20. WTO and environment: an Indian perspective/Mohammad Asif. Index.

"'A Decade of WTO and Indian Economy' is an edited book containing 20 articles. The sub-themes include: overall issues, agriculture and rural development, trade and industry education, environment and intellectual property rights.

The research papers articles included in the book have been contributed by renowned economists and researchers of the country and cover issues of utmost current relevance." (jacket)

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