Scoop ! : Inside Stories From the Partition to the Present

Kuldip Nayar, HarperCollins Pub, 2006, pbk, 214 p, ISBN : 8172236433, $14.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Scoop ! : Inside Stories From the Partition to the Present/Kuldip NayarContents: Introduction. I. Partition:  1. 30 January, 1948. 2. A chance encounter with Jinnah. 3. Mount Batten's role in partition. 4. The Radcliff award. 5. The fallout of partition. II. The Nehruvian years: 6. The status of Hindi. 7. After Nehru: the fight for succession. III. Shastri's prime ministership: 8. The first stirrings of war. 9. Dealing with the infiltrators. 10. The counter-attack. 11. Inquiries and disclosures. 12. Identifying the source. 13. The Tashkent treaty. 14. Death in Tashkent. 15. Shastri's successors. IV. Indira Gandhi's reign: 16. Indira Gandhi and the old guard. 17. The battle for president. 18. Notes from Nijalingappa's diary. 19. The Taming of the judiciary. 20. A steel plant in Visakhapatnam. V. The emergency: 21. A nation in shackles. 22. The end of the emergency. 23. A travesty of justice. 24. JP's unrealized dream. 25. Rising from the Ashes. VI. Tremors in the subcontinent: 27. The father of Pakistan's atomic bomb. 28. Explosions in the media. 29. The superpowers join the fray. 30. The war with Bangladesh. 31. The birth of Bangladesh. 32. The Shimla agreement. 33. A Prime Minister is assassinated. 34. Jayawardene and the Tamil Tigers. 35. Bus diplomacy.
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