Afghanistan : The Challenge

Edited by K. Warikoo, Pentagon Press, 2007, xxvi, 378 p, tables, ISBN : 8182742544, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Afghanistan : The Challenge/edited by K. Warikoo

Contents: Preface. Contributors. 1. Rebuilding the Afghan state: the international dimension/Marvin G. Weinbaum and Andrew Finkelman. 2. Challenges to democratization, peace and stability in Afghanistan/Apratim Mukarji. 3. Problems and prospects of constitutional government in Afghanistan/Uma Shankar. 4. Afghan drugs and European markets/Ramtanu Maitra. 5. Afghanistan and Central Asia: differentiated challenges and priorities in the twenty first century/Vijay Kapur. 6. US policy towards post-September 11 Afghanistan/B.K. Shrivastava. 7. Pakistan's Afghanistan Policy: post 9/11?/Kalim Bahadur. 8. In pursuit of strategic depth: the changing dynamics of Pakistan's Afghan policy/Smruti S. Pattanaik. 9. India and Afghanistan: renewing economic relations/Amiya Chandra. 10. Afghanistan factor in Kashmir Crisis/K. Warikoo. 11. The Taliban resurrection and the changing course of Afghan civil war/Vishal Chandra. Appendices. Index.

"Located at the crossroads of Central, South and West Asia and sharing its borders with Central Asia on the north, Chinese province of Xinjiang in the east, Iran on the West and South West, and Pakistan and Pak-occupied Kashmir on the South and South East, Afghanistan occupies a unique geo-strategic position in the region. During the past quarter century, Afghanistan has remained turbulent posing great challenges to peace and security in and around the region. The threat posed by the Taliban and Al Qaeda led by Osama Bin Laden to world peace and security has been universally recognised. September 11, 2001 incident marked a new phase in contemporary Afghanistan. Notwithstanding the relentless US-led campaign against terror, Afghanistan has been witnessing the resurgence of Taliban and Al Qaeda cadres, posing serious challenges to social equilibrium, political stability and reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan. This book analyses the post-9/11 developments in Afghanistan, with particular reference to the rebuilding of Afghanistan, challenges to democratisation, peace and stability, problem of narcotics trafficking and resurgence of Taliban. Eminent area specialists and Afghanistan experts from India and the USA have contributed to this volume." (jacket)

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