Coaching Cricket

Devendra Balayan, Khel Sahitya Kendra, 2007, 80 p, ills, ISBN : 8175244364, $11.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Coaching Cricket/Devendra Balayan

Contents: 1. Historical background of cricket. 2. Cricket--an introduction. 3. Batting. 4. Bowling. 5. Fielding. 6. Rules of cricket.

From the preface: "Coaching Cricket is specially intended for the young aspiring cricketers and sportsperson who wish to learn and develop their cricket skills. It provides step-by-step series of cricket skills and techniques along with expert advice. The book is fully illustrated in colour throughout.

The texts are critically arranged in such a manner that learner feels ease while reading the texts and learning the skills, tactics, strategies, rules etc. of cricket. The language used while composing the text are basically simple colloquial English. The present study has a wide scope for everyone who wish to gain their knowledge towards this great game."

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