Elements of Jaina Geography : The Jambudvipasamgrahani of Haribhadra Suri

Frank Van Den Bossche, Motilal Banarsidass, 2007, xiv, 328 p, tables, figs, ISBN : 8120829344, $30.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Elements of Jaina Geography : The Jambudvipasamgrahani of Haribhadra Suri/Frank Van Den Bossche

Contents: Preface. Abbreviations and typesetting. I. Introduction: 1. Jaina cosmography and geography. 2. The Jambudvipasamgrahani and its Vrtti: i. Haribhadra Suri and Prabhananda Suri. ii. The text. iii. The subject matter: ten topics. iv. The critical edition: i. The printed editions. ii. The manuscripts. II. Text and translation: 1. Mangalacarana. 2. Sutra 1 to 30. Appendices: 1. The circumference of Jambudvipa. 2. Materials for the study of the Jaina Haribhadras. Bibliography. Index.

"The present work provides a critical edition and translation of the Jambudvipasamgrahani of Haribhadra Suri (c. 1123 A.D.) together with its Sanskrit commentary by Prabhananda Suri. The Jambudvipasamgrahani is one of the minor (Laghu) texts of Jaina geography written in standard Maharastri. It consists of thirty gathas and describes the structure of Jambudvipa in a very concise manner." (jacket)

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