Sustainability, Profitability and Successful Tourism (2 Parts-Set)

Edited by Aparna Raj, Kanishka, 2007, 438 p, 2 Parts, photographs, maps, figs, ISBN : 8173917194, $75.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Sustainability, Profitability and Successful Tourism/edited by Aparna Raj

Contents: Part I. Preface. Section I. Sustainable tourism: 1. Sustainable tourism in destinations: sustainability or just a rejuvenation effort?/Rachel Dodds. 2. Supporting sustainable tourism at World Heritage Sites: the heritage tourism approach in Canada's Rocky Mountain Parks/Fergus T. Maclaren. 3. Australian story: integrating sustainability into Tourism business practices/Steve Noakes. Section II. Destination Tourism: 4. A successful tourism destination in Argentina's Patagonia: the case of El Calafate--Perito Moreno Glacier/Marcelo Barrios. 5. Success story of a nature based tourism destination: a historical perspective on Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia/Robert Inbakaran and Christina Inbakaran. 6. Tourism and development in Caribbean context: some alternative strategies/Olivier H. Dehoorne and Pascal Saffache. 7. A GIS Based approach in estimating: the spatial disparity of recreational resources for successful tourism/Prem Chhetri, Robert Inbakaran and Jonathan Corcoran. Section III. Rural and community tourism: 8. Relaunching development in peripheral rural areas: the role played by tourism in a Portuguese Lagging Area/Zelia Breda and Carlos Costa. 9. Successfully understanding the tourism-community: a rural case study/Mervyn S. Jackson and Robert Inbakaran. 10. New traditions and successful Japanese Inns (Ryokan)/Sylvie Guichard-Anguis. 11. Gender participation in the handloom sector of tourism: a case study of Chanderi (M.P.) India/Aparna Raj. 12. Public private partnership: macro-oriented tourism policies in search for micro motives/Mike Peters and Klaus Weiermair. 13. Successful ecotourism management: reflections on communities in Kenya/Roselyne Nyawiri Okech.

Part II. Preface. Section IV. Tourism and HR: 14. Tourism and hospitality education in the Asia-Pacific Region: Building sustainability through stakeholder engagement/Brian King. 15. Employee motivation in the workplace/Kamal Manaktola. 16. Human resource management in hospitality and tourism: learning from case experience/Tom Baum, Frances Devine, Lee Jolliffe, Megan Woods and Kong Yew Wong. Section V. Tourism and Marketing: 17. Marketing adventure tourism in the developing country: a supply-side analysis/Paige P. Schneider and Philip Feifan Xie. 18. Cyprus Hotel Industry: Customers' perceptions and their satisfaction level/Petros Lois. 19. Marketing the cultural tourism/Adriana Galvani. 20. Service quality in travel and tourism: a few case studies/Christen Ennew. Section VI. Tourism and Planning: 21. Entrepreneurial decisions in small family businesses: lessons from Alpine tourism in Austria/Mike Peters and Klaus Weiermair. 22. A framework for the tourism planning process/Konstantinos Andriotis. 23. Intelligent Information Systems for tourism/Dimitris N. Kanellopoulos. 24. "Small is Successful": The lure of small-scale tourism development and transnational networking/Noel B. Salazar. List of contributors. Index.

From the Preface: "This book is a compilation of success stories from all over the globe. The book has been divided into six broad sections viz. Sustainable tourism, destination tourism, rural and community tourism, tourism and HR, Tourism and marketing, tourism and planning. There are a total of 24 different case studies presented in the book, many of the chapters talk of more than one case or more than one issue. Some cases talk of aspects which may not directly talk of success but then each step in the right direction makes us one step closer to success. This book fills the gap in the existing tourism literature and is the beginning of further food for thought."

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