Indian Cashew : Processing and Export

S.S. Wadkar, S.R. Bagade and V.N. Jalgaonkar, Pointer, 2007, xiv, 146 p, tables, figs, colour plates, ISBN : 8171325030, $23.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Indian Cashew : Processing and Export/S.S. Wadkar, S.R. Bagade and V.N. Jalgaonkar

Contents: Foreword. Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Review of Cashew export and processing. 3. Post-harvest management and cashew development in India. 4. Analytical methods. 5. Cashew export and processing. 6. Bibliography. Appendices.

"Cashew in India, is one of the major export earning crop, which accrues nearly Rs. 2500 crore of export earning. This crop facilitates running more than 1500 processing units providing 5 lakhs families in the industrial sector, of which 95 per cent of unit workers are women from low income group. The primary objectives of this book is to describe analyse and appraise the cashewnut processing and export in India and to evolve appropriate policy for improving efficiency in working of processing industries.

This book will help in understanding the functioning of the cashew processing unit with investment pattern, cost and returns and business performance of cashew processing unit and also the constraints encountered in processing. The major topic covered in this book include export performance, countrywise trade and instability in the export of cashew kernel and CSNL with pre and post WTO period.

The subject matter has been presented in simple language and is supported with the latest data of export and research finding.

It is also useful to different agencies engaged in processing and export for future need, so also feed back to cashew industry. It is also excellent book for policy makers, development administrator, researcher, officers and students of agriculture discipline and agriculture business management." (jacket)

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