1857 : A Great Rebellion

Raj Kumar, Raj Pub, 2007, 272 p, ISBN : 8186208496, $28.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

1857 : A Great Rebellion/Raj Kumar

Contents: Preface. 1. 1857: a historical perspective. 2. January - March 1857. 3. April - May 1857. 4. May 10 -31, 1857. 5. June - July 1857. 6. August 1857. 7. September - December 1857. 8. January - March 1858. 9. April - December 1858. 10. January 1859 - December 1877. 11. Causes of the mutiny. 12. Varieties of rebellion. 13. A military revolt. 14. A social revolution. 15. Bibliography.

"The revolt soon assumed the proportions of a country wide uprising and the British hold on the country tottered everywhere for over an year. It was on June 17, 1858 that Rani Lakshmi Bai of Jhansi fell in the heroic defence of Gwalior, besieged by the British forces and Tantia Topi, commander of the revolutionary forces fled. That broke the back of the revolt.

This situation, writes, Willam Dalrymple, provided the backdrop to the revolt in which the ideological lead was taken by Islamic Jihadis. Moreover colonialism had brought with it violence, exploitation plunder, imprishment, loss of identity and Lapes Doctrine.

Aim of this book is to give a panoramic view of this great event. It contains in chronological order the whole story of this great event of historical importance, with a detailed biographical account of the leaders of the rebellion.

It will be useful and handy for every patriotic Indian citizen and a mine of easy to grasp knowledge to anyone who wants to have essence of this important episode. We have included some extremely important essays by renowned authorities on the subject to enhance its usefulness tot he researchers as well." (jacket)

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