A Handbook on Nanochemistry

Patrick Salomon, Dominant, 2008, 208 p, ISBN : 8178885603, $44.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Handbook on Nanochemistry/Patrick Salomon

Contents: 1. Nanotechnology. 2. Nanochemistry. 3. Applications of nanochemistry. 4. Bionanotechnology. 5. Molecular nanotechnology. 6. Molecular biology. 7. Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). 8. Arrays. 9. Chemical approach. 10. Nanorod and Nanotube. 11. Nanowire. 12. Heteropolymer. 13. Chemical synthesis. 14. Analytical chemistry. 15. Dendrimer. 16. Nanorobotics. 17. Other related topics. 18. Nanochemistry pioneers.

"Nanochemistry, describing in its simple terms, is the science of tools, technologies and methodologies for chemical synthesis, analysis and biochemical diagnostics, performed in nanolitre to femtolitre domains. It is a scientific field that is concerned with generating and altering chemical, systems, which develop special and often new effects as a result of the laws of the nanoworld. The bases for these are chemically active nanometric units such as supramolecules or nanocrystals. The present book is a complete information package on the topic that leads the reader into the world of application and uses of nanochemistry." (jacket)

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