A Celebration of Indian Trees

Ashok S Kothari, Marg Pub, 2007, 196 p, ills, ISBN : 8185026831, $80.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Celebration of Indian Trees/Ashok S. Kothari

Contents: Message. Foreword and special thanks. Preface and acknowledgements/Ashok S. Kothari. National society of the friends of the trees: the first 50 years/Nandkumar Naik. Descriptions of Trees: 1. Pinaceae. 2. Cupressaceae. 3. Salicaceae. 4. Juglandaceae. 5. Betulaceae. 6. Fagaceae. 7. Moraceae. 8. Ulmaceae. 9. Santalaceae. 10. Dilleniaceae. 11. Magnoliaceae. 12. Annonaceae. 13. Platanaceae. 14. Fabaceae. 15. Zygophyliaceae. 16. Rutaceae. 17. Anacardiaceae. 18. Sapindaceae. 19. Burseraceae. 20. Meliaceae. 21. Simarubaceae. 22. Rhamnaceae. 23. Tiliaceae. 24. Malvaceae. 25. Sterculiaceae. 26. Bombacaceae. 27. Cochlospermaceae. 28. Dipterocarpaceae. 29. Lythraceae. 30. Myrtaceae. 31. Ericaceae. 32. Lecythidaceae. 33. Sapotaceae. 34. Oleaceae. 35. Salvadoraceae. 36. Boraginaceae. 37. Verbenaceae. 38. Bignoniaceae. 39. Rubiaceae. 40. Clusiaceae. 41. Euphorbiaceae. 42. Ochnaceae. 43. Moringaceae. 44. Capparaceae. 45. Combretaceae. 46. Proteaceae. 47. Apocynaceae. 48. Elaeocarpaceae. 49. Pandanaceae. 50. Arecaceae. Glossary. Select bibliography. Index of common names. Index of scientific names. About the sponsors.

"2007 marks the Golden Jubilee Year of the National Society of the Friends of the Trees. The society decided that the most appropriate way of celebrating this milestone would be to publish a book showcasing India's tree wealth. One of the main objects of the society is to inculcate a love for trees and plant life in general among people, and it is hoped this book will further that aim.

The author has included over 140 species of trees here--indigenous trees as well as introduced species that have become part of the Indian landscape. The book is intended as an identification guide: the text on each species describes the distinctive features of trunk, leaves, flowers, and fruit, and the photographs are chosen to complement the description. Interesting facts and traditional Indian beliefs about the tree are included where relevant. The names of the species in various local languages and dialects are also provided. The author being a medical doctor, details about the medicinal value of various parts of each tree have been carefully noted, besides listing its other benefits.

The book is profusely illustrated with spectacular images. Almost all the photographs have been taken specially for this book by the author at locations all over the country; some have been provided by other photographers who are tree enthusiasts. The pictures will inspire readers to appreciate and preserve living specimens and experience the fullness of their beauty." (jacket)

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