A Handbook of Curriculum Reforms and Teaching Methods

Bela Rani Sharma, Sarup and Sons, 2007, viii, 456 p, figs, ISBN : 8176258032, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Handbook of Curriculum Reforms and Teaching Methods/Bela Rani Sharma

Contents: Preface. 1. A systematic approach to curriculum reform. 2. Redesign a course. 3. Selecting a design team. 4. Collecting and analyzing data. 5. Developing a design for the course or programme. 6. Reform and change in the American curriculum. 7. Constructing the concept of curriculum on the Wisconsin frontier: how school restructuring sustained a pedagogical revolution. 8. Thomas Jesse Jones and educational reform. 9. The cardinal principles report as archaeological deposit. 10. A century of growing antagonism in high school-college relations. 11. Harold Rugg and the reconstruction of the social studies curriculum: the treatment of the "Great War" in his textbook series. 12. Fads, Fashions, and rituals: the instability of curriculum change. 13. Cultural literacy, what is? 14. Ensuing academic achievement. 15. Success and failure in education reform. 16. Adjusting the ideal to the real. 17. Instructional objectives and assessing outcomes. 18. Developing instructional media. 19. Preparing a descriptive manual for students. 20. Implementing evaluating, and refining the course of programme. 21. Facilitating curriculum improvement. 22. The success of instructional improvement programs. Index.

"The quantum of knowledge took almost two hundred years to double itself in the recent past. But as of now it has doubled in just twenty years or even less.

In such rapidly changing times when knowledge is increasing by geometrical progression, the issue of curriculum reform is of paramount importance. While as more and more knowledge has to be imparted to the learners, the problems of removing the outdated knowledge from the curriculum assumes great importance.

With the expansion of knowledge the methods of delivering that knowledge have to be revised and remodified.

This handbook dwells on these issues in a very indepth way and makes valuable suggestions for improving the curriculum and the teaching methods." (jacket)

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