A Textbook of Agricultural Extension Management

C Karthikeyan, R Sendilkumar and D Jaganathan, Atlantic, 2008, x, 172 p, ISBN : 8126908813, $22.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Textbook of Agricultural Extension Management/C. Karthikeyan. R. Sendilkumar and D. Jaganathan

Contents: Foreword. Preface. 1. The concept, nature and principles of management. 2. Development organizations--role of public/private and other agencies in management. 3. Administration system approach to the planning process. 4. Decision making process. 5. Basic elements and principles of an organization. 6. Departmentation and organizational analysis. 7. Delegation--concept and principles. 8. Coordination and control. 9. Budgeting and auditing. 10. Human resource planning. 11. Motivation in management. 12. Organizational communication and management information system. 13. Tools of network analysis. 14. Management by Objectives (MBO). 15. A Systematic Approach (ASA) and innovative extension approaches. 16. Management of training and development. 17. Management tools. Glossary. References.

"The present book deals with all the important dimensions of Agricultural Management--management process in development organizations, development programmes, human resource planning, management techniques and tools, management of information systems, to name a few. It helps to enrich the managerial and technical skills of extension managers, scientists and administrators.

Well supplemented with illustrations, questions for discussion and glossary, the book is comprehensive and easily accessible even to average readers for its simple language, lucid style and reader-friendly approach to the subject matter.   

While it serves as a textbook for students and teachers of agriculture and agri-business management, it is a valuable reference source for all those concerned with home science, veterinary science, rural development social work, extension education and other allied fields." (jacket)

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