Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin, Vol. I, 2007 : Exploring Exploration : Mind Over Machine

Edited by S.S. Rathore, Association of Petroleum Geologists, 2007, viii, 232 p, tables, figs, ISBN : 8190172980, $30.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin, Vol. I, 2007 : Exploring Exploration : Mind Over Machine/edited by S.S. RathoreContents: 1. Exploration beyond producing acreages in India: perspectives and challenges/Brij M. Khar. 2. Petroleum exploration management/R.C. Fuloria. 3. Tectonics, depositional setting and reservoir characteristics of sedimentary sequence in North Bank of River Brahmaputra of Upper Assam Basin/S.S. Deb, I. Baruah, B. Bharali, R. Borgohain and B.N. Talukdar. 4. Hydrocarbon prospectivity of Miocene Sands in Cachar Area, Assam - Arakan Fold Belt India/Ram Krishna Singh, R.C. Agrawalla, M.A.S. Bora and G.K. Ray. 5. Structural interpretation and kinematic modeling of the Manabum Anticline, Assam Basin, India/A.N. Borthakur, B.R. Bharali, E. Novoa and A. Ravagila. 6. Trend of fracture pressure gradient in parts of Upper Assam Basin: calculation based on Wireline Log Data/B. Bharali and B.N. Talukdar. 7. Structural style and timing of structural deformation in Naga Foothills Region - a discussion/P.C. Goswami and P. Goswami. 8. Delineation of Adamtila field using 3D Seismic (PSDM): a case study/K. Yadagiri, M.N. Soren, A. Sanyal, P. Chandrasekaran and S. Choudhury. 9. Factors controlling reservoir heterogeneities of LBS sandstones, Rudrasagar Formation, Laplingaon Field, Assam/N. Pendkar and P.S. Kataki. 10. Miocene - Pliocene sequence stratigraphy of Tripura, India and its implications on hydrocarbon exploration/A.S. Kale, P.K. Sinha, R.C. Agrawalla, G.K. Ray and R.M. Baruah. 11. Naturally fractured L3 Reservoir of N&S of Mumbai High Oilfield : a performance review/Kottilil Narayanan. 12. Geochemical Feedback: a novel style for calibrated burial and thermal reconstruction in Mahim Graben Area of Mumbai Offshore Basin/I.V.S.V. Prasad, A.K. Sinha, S. Pahari, R.R. Singh and Anil Bhandari. 13. Source rock evaluation and oil-source correlation studies for North of Mukta Structure, Western Offshore Basin, India/B.G. Goswami, R.S. Bisht, A.K. Bhatnagar, A.K. Mittal and R.R. Singh. 14. Paleoenvironment and source rock palynological studies for hydrocarbon prospects in Mumbai Offshore Basin/P.N. Kapoor and S. Nanjundaswamy. 15. Modeling of middle Kalol Reservoir vis-a-vis anticipated field growth in Wadu and Paliyad Areas, Cambay Basin, India/G. Chakraborty, S. Gupta, U.S. Kanungo, A. Bharskale and K. Dattatraya. 16. Rejuvenation of exploration for 'Kalol' in Mehsana Tectonic Block, North Cambay Basin - a view point/S.C. Sonare and V. Pratap. 17. "New Oil in Old Field" the exploitation of K-VA Paysand of Kalol Field, Cambay Basin; India - a success story/A.K. Jena, R. Matta and Surender Kumar. 18. Palynostratigraphy and depositional environment of Paleogene-neogene sequences of area around Jetalpur depression of Ahmedabad - Mehsana Block, Cambay Basin and their hydrocarbon potential/Anand Gupta and M. Shanmukhappa. 19. Geochemical characterization, oil-oil and oil-source correlation studies in Eastern Margin Fields of Ahmedabad Block of Cambay Basin, India/A.K. Bhatnagar, R.S. Bisht, B.G. Goswami and R.R. Singh. 20. Shallow gas exploration - a milestone towards "Pura"/K.N. Shridhar and V.R. Sunder. 21. Depositional environments and Paleogeographic modeling of tertiary sediments in Narmada Block, Cambay Basin, India/Sudhir Shukla, G.L. Hansa and P.B. Pandey. 22. 40Ar-39Ar studies of Basaltic Basement from Kerala Offshore of India: relevance to reunion hotspot linkage of Deccan Volcanism/S.S. Rathore, A.R. Vijan, M. Bansal, G.C. Uniyal and P.S. Pangtey. 23. Application of hydrocarbon play concept for assessing exploration risk and play potential for upper cretaceous sediments in Kuthalam and Kali fields and unexplored areas in Northern Tranquebar Sub Basin, Cauvery Basin, India/S. Venkataramaiah, P.V.V. Satyanaran and J. Ashok Kumar. 24. Influence of Mud parameters on quality of wireline log data in Thrustfold Belts: an analogue from Himalayan foothills/Tajinder Kumar. 25. Neoproterozoic carbonate microfacies of Kanger and Jagdalpur formation, Indravati Group, Chhattisgarh, India/Rajeeva Guhey and Pradeep Thakur. 26. The role of integrated reservoir characterization in Brownfield redevelopment/J.K. Negi, Aditya Kumar and U.S. Prasad.
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