A Hand Book of Fish Farming

S C Agarwal, Narendra, 2007, Reprint, x, 134 p, ISBN : 9788185375946, $0.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Hand Book of Fish Farming/S.C. Agarwal

Contents: Preface. I. Introduction. II. Culturable fish: 1. Desirable characteristics in a cultured organism. 2. Fresh water fishes. 3. Salt water fishes. 4. Exotic fishes. 5. Major carps. III. Fish breeding: 1. Type of breeding. 2. Fish seed collection from natural resources. 3. Construction of fish seed farm. 4. Fish seed production by induced breeding. 5. Hatchings. 6. Rearing of spawn. 7. Assessment of quantity. 8. Size for stocking and harvesting. 9. Quality of fish seed. 10. Transport of fish seed. IV. Management of fish pond: 1. Introduction. 2. Aquatic plants and their control. 3. Fish enemies and their control. 4. Fish diseases and their control. 5. Manuring of ponds. 6. Food and feeding of culturable fishes. 7. Nourshing capacity of ponds. 8. Fish upkeep and maintenance of ponds. V. Economics of fish culture and integrated fish farming: 1. Economics of composite fish culture. 2. Fish-cum-paddy culture. 3. Fish-cum-poultry farming. 4. Fish-cum-duck farming. 5. Fish-cum-pig farming. 6. Fish-cum-dairy farming. 7. Fish-cum-horticulture. 8. Fresh water prawn culture. 9. Monoculture of brackish water fish. 10. Composite brackish water fish culture. 11. Poly culture (fish cum prawn). 12. Magur fish culture. 13. Ornamental fish hatchery. Bibliography.

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