A Synoptic List of Nepomorpha (Hemiptera : Heteroptera) from India

G. Thirumalai, Zoological Survey of India, 2007, pbk, Records of the Zoological Survey of India, Occasional Paper No. 273, vi, 84 p, tables, figs, maps, ISBN : 8181711731, $25.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Synoptic List of Nepomorpha (Hemiptera : Heteroptera) from India/G. ThirumalaiContents: Introduction. Higher classification of Nepomorpha. Synoptic list of infraorder nepomorpha. 1. Superfamily: Nepoidea. i. Family: Nepidae. ii. Family: Belostomatidae. 2. Superfamily: Ochteroidea: i. Gelastocoridae. ii. Family: Ochteridae. 3. Superfamily: Corixoidea: i. Family: Corixidae. 4. Superfamily: Naucoroidea: i. Family: Aphelocheiridae. ii. Family: Naucoridae. 5. Superfamily: Notonectoidae: i. Family: Notonectidae. 6. Superfamily: Pleoidea: i. Family Pleidae. ii. Family: Helotrephidae. Discussion. Acknowledgements. References.
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