Analysis and Designs of Steel Structures for Architects

Harbhajan Singh, Abhishek Pub, 2011, 2nd revised & enlarged edition, x, 230 p, figs, ISBN : 9788182473348, $33.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Analysis and Designs of Steel Structures for Architects/Harbhajan Singh

Contents: Preface. 1. Steel structures-an overview. 2. Welded joints. 3. Riveted joints. 4. Steel beams. 5. Tension members of a truss. 6. Compression member of truss. 7. Steel columns. 8. Column bases. 9. Reversal of stresses in members of a truss. 10. Appendix.

"The objective of this book is to present in systematic form the design of steel structures based in Latest Indian Standard Codes (IS: 800,875) and the scope of book has been restructured to the topics being taught in B. Architecture course by all the universities in our country.

The book consists of eight chapters, an over view of steel strictures covering brief history and present use of steel structures with properties of structural steel, followed by welded, riveted connections, design of tension and compression members of a truss and finally the design of steel columns including built up columns and their bases. Solved examples have been provided in each chapter in a graded manner.

The book is based on the lecture notes of last many years duly enriched by inter action with the doubts raised and explanations sought by students for better clarity; even the presentation is more in the form of class room lectures than an abstract academic exploration of topics."

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