Education Gandhi and Man : Select Writings Khwaja Ghulamus Saiyyadain

Edited by Akhtarul Wasey and Farhat Ehsas, Shipra Pub, 2008, xii, 218 p, ISBN : 8175413870, $31.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Education, Gandhi and Man : Select Writings Khwaja Ghulamus Saiyyadain/edited by Akhtarul Wasey and Farhat Ehsas

Contents: Preface. Acknowledgement. 1. New challenges to education. 2. The relevance of Gandhi to social reconstruction with special reference to education. 3. Gandhi's concept of culture. 4. Gandhi's concept of religion. 5. Gandhi's lovable personality. 6. Quest for the good life. 7. The concept of man. 8. Maulana Azad as I knew him. 9. A great Indian poet--Iqbal. 10. The challenge of Badshah Khan. 11. New tasks before Jamia Millia Islamia. 12. Aligarh Muslim University: a retrospect and a prospect. Bibliographical sketch of Khwaja Ghulamus Saiyyadain. Index.

"Khwaja Ghulamus Saiyyadain was a traditional man but in a more rewarding sense of the term. He inherited all the good values of the social, cultural and religious ethos that the Indo-Islamic civilization offered to a sensitive and intelligent human being. But he did not remain confined to these illuminating effects of the tradition but used them to further enlighten his mental horizons whereas he enriched his mind with modern knowledge.

But beyond all the cultural refinements and intellectual achievements that he was able to attain, what make him stand out was his firm belief in the universal values of Islam and his equally strong belief in the commonness and inner compatibilities between core Islamic and Indian civilizational values. All his life he tried with all his powers of mind and heart to preach and promote the values of tolerance and peaceful co-existence that he thought and believed were two foundations on which can rest the edifice of a modern India that includes all and excludes none." (jacket)

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