An Introduction to International Relations

Gulam Mohammad Dar, Rajat Publication, 2008, viii, 488 p, boxes, ISBN : 8178803333, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. 1. International relations in everyday life. 2. International relations as an academic subject. 3. The systems approach. 4. Morganthau's realist theory. 5. Decision making approach. 6. Marxian approach to the study of international relations. 7. Imperialism and colonialism. 8. De-colonisation and resurgance of Asia and Africa. 9. Neo-colonialism. 10. National power. 11. Balance of power. 12. Foreign policy and its determinants. 13. Ideology in international relations. 14. Diplomacy. 15. Collective security. 16. Arms race, disarmament and arms control. 17. Cold war. 18. Contemporary trends in international relations. 19. Non-alignment. 20. New international economic order. 21. Evolution of international organisation. 22. Regionalism. 23. Dynamics of globalization. 24. Foreign policy choices. Bibliography. Index.

"This book has been written in an easy language and a lucid style latest models and theories and new concepts are very well explained with examples." (jacket)

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