A Spectrum of Culture

D S Somashekhar, Sanjay Prakashan, 2008, xii, 258 p, ISBN : 8174533005, $28.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: I. Ecology and culture: 1. Ecology and culture interwoven with special reference to trees - a perspective. 2. The 'Vanachetana' at Heddur (Thirthahalli - Karnataka) : A unique cultural experiment and experience. II. Peace: 3. The Hague agenda - 1999 for peace. 4. The Buddhist concept of non-violence and world peace - a perspective. 5. The need of communal harmony in India and The Hague Peace Agenda of 1999. III. Folk-Lore: 6. 'Antige-Pintinge' -- The Folk Art of Malnad -- Karnataka. 7. Antaraghattamma - 'The Grama Devatha' at Sakharayapattana Represents socio-religious harmony. 8. The Folk-study of Kadur Taluk (Chickmagalur District): a brief portrayal. IV. Anthropology: 9. The Namdhari Vokkaligas of Malnad Karnataka: historical background and a few socio-cultural aspects. 10. A few socio-economic aspects of 'Kodige Gowdlu': the less known tribe of Malnad Karnataka. V. History and Archaeology: 11. Challenges of teaching history today. 12. Bhaskaravarman the Benevolent Monarch of Assam (Kamarup) as depicted in 'Harsha-Charia' of Banabhatta. 13. From lab to cup-stages in coffee research: a study of the CCRI at Balehonnur (Chikmagalur Dist.) - From: 1915-1947. 14. Gandhi - The way and message. 15. The visit of Mahatma Gandhi to Tirthahalli on 27.8.1927 : The Nationalist Movement in the heart of Malnad. 16. The Markhandeshwara Temple at Khandya with special reference to the Sun Sculpture. VI. Art and Literature: 17. A.N. Moorthy Rao: hundred and still raring to go. 18. Light and delight through theatre - "Ninasam" A New Cultural School of Thought. 19. 'From Poorvangane to Paschimangane' -- An anticolonial cultural expression in Kannada Literature.

"In this age of globalization and postmodernism it is imperative for cultural historiography to be rooted in the specificity of the local realities and to reach out to the global. The essays written for various occasions by Prof. D.S. Somashekhar respond to such imperative. The essays in the collection range from the study of local cultures, for instance, the Gowdlu Tribe living in the dense forest region of Western Ghats, the cultural practices like 'Antige - Pintige' prevalent in a small geographical area of the Malanad Region in these Ghats, study of the communities like 'Namadharai Vokkaligas' to the relevance of 'The Hague Peace Agenda', Gandhism and the Buddhist concept of non-violence. Essays on ecology, bio-diversity and communal harmony reflect the socio-environmental concern which the sensitive author shares with all concerned citizens. Besides there are essays pertaining to the regional literature in Karnataka and on the cultural institutes like NINASAM which interest not only cultural historians but also the readers in general." (jacket)

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