Globalisation at the Crossroads

Edited by Sawalia Bihari Verma; Yogesh Upadhyaya and Anil Kumar Bajpai, Sarup and Sons, 2008, xviii, 500 p, ISBN : 8176258517, $60.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: A. Globalisation challenges and opportunities: 1. Globalisation at the crossroads of tradition and modernity in rural India/Kirk Johnson. 2. Globalisation: Issues and challenges/S. Rangachar. 3. Globalisation: is it really global?/S.B. Verma. 4. Globalisation and developing countries: opportunities or marginalisation?/Kalim Siddiqui. 5. Globalisation of world economy: challenges and opportunities/R.S. Nigam. B. Globalisation need for India: 6. Indian on the global map/C. Jayanthi. 7. Globalisation and development: the case of India/S.V. Pathak. 8. India after globalisation/A.A. Siddiqui. 9. Globalisation and economic growth in India/Ben L. Kedia, Liliana Perez. C. Globalization and Poverty: 10. Globalization and poverty: how developing countries fare in the new trade regime?/Swapan K. Bhattacharya. 11. Globalisation and the poor/H.K. Sinha. 12. Liberalisation : what about the poor/Sawalia Bihari Verma. 13. The human face of liberalisation/Peeush Ranjan Agrawal. 14. Globalisation and human resource development/M.S. Malik. D. Globalisation and education: 15. Education for an emerging global power/N. Mahalingam. 16. Emerging trends in education in the global era/A. Jalal. 17. Globalisation of education/Kalim Siddiqui. 18. Globalisation and Indian education/S. Balraj and G. Ravi. 19. Globalisation and education in India/M. Jeyarathnam. 20. Impact of globalisation and WTO on higher education in India/J.C. Valan Arasu. 21. Information system for synergic development in global economy/R.K. Gupta. E. Globalisation and women: 22. Holistic globalisation: implications for women in management and development/Subhash Sharma. 23. Globalisation and consumerism among working women: an analysis/S. Kareemulla Basha and Zahid Hussain. 24. Globalisation and vulnerability of women/M. Chinnaswamy Naidu and G. Prathap. 25. Impact of globalization on female labour/I. Sundar and K. Sivakumar. F. Globalisation and agriculture: 26. Indian farm sector in the globalization era/K.V. Patel. 27. Indian agriculture in the global economy/Puskar Deo. 28. Indian agriculture in the new globalised scenario/A.K. Vasudevachary. 29. Agricultural subsidies west violating global trading rules/Dhurjati Mukherjee. 30. Globalisation: harnessing opportunities in crop diversification in India/P.S. Sujith Kumar. G. Globalisation and agriculture: 31. Globalisation and challenges for small-scale industries/R. Vellaichamy. 32. Globalisation and its impact on Indian small scale industries/Pawar Yashwant Tukaram. 33. Globalisation, multinationals and the Indian corporate sector/L.P. Singh. H. Globalisation and market scenario: 34. Globalisation and building sustainable competitive strength/Raj Agrawal. 35. Appraising the global marketing environment/Yogesh Padhyay and S.K. Singh. 36. Cross cultural marketing: a view across global marketing/Yogesh Upadhyay and Shiv Kumar Singh.

"The book has been designed to make available adequate feedback on 'Globalisation'. Since mid 1991 a new chapter has been added to our economy called globalisation. It means integration of economies and societies through cross country flows of information, ideas, technologies, goods, services, capital and manpower. Thus globalisation is a process for integration of the national economy to world economy. It includes free trade policies creating competitiveness at domestic and international level, privatization, free flow of capital as well as manpower." (jacket)

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