Celebrating Satyagraha

Edited by B S Bibhuti, Academic Excellence, 2008, xvi, 216 p, ISBN : 8189901486, $32.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Foreword. Acknowledgements. Preface. 1. Reinventing Gandhi's Satyagraha/N. Radhakrishnan. 2. Satyagraha: restoring the divine in politics/Niraj Kumar Jha. 3. Gandhian Satyagrahi : the crusader against human ills/Johani Xaxa and B.K. Mahakul. 4. Concept and basis of Satyagraha/P.B. Rathod and Devidas Rathod. 5. The relevance of the Gandhian concept of Satyagraha/Bela Bhanot. 6. Facets and relevance of Satyagraha/P.B. Rathod, Suryakant S. Sonnad. 7. Gandhi and social revolution Satyagrah as a strategy/Saroj Kumar Patnaik. 8. Satyagraha an introspection of social justice/Jasprit Kaur Soni. 9. Satyagraha and human rights/Subhash Chandra Roy. 10. Non-violent struggles in Uttarakhand/Sunderlal Bahuguna. 11. The role of Mahatma Gandhi in the Vaikkom and Guruvayoor temple entry Satyagraha Movement/T. Natarajan. 12. Gandhian experiment of salt Satyagraha in the Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh/K. Sreeranjani Subba Rao. 13. Gandhian peace movements in India/B.L. Saini and Narendara Nath. 14. M.K. Gandhi: an icon for a world of peace and nonviolence/Alpana Pareek and Mahesh Gaur. 15. Hind Swaraj: an apocalyptic search for a possible politics of open future/Ashwani Kumar. 16. Gandhigiri : Satyagraha revisited/B.S. Bibhuti. Index.

"According to Mahatma Gandhi, the word Satyagraha means strict adherence to truth, absolute non-cooperation with evil, love for the opponent and readiness to suffer willingly. It is a non-violent opposition for the sake of truth and virtues. On the one side, it is the force born out of truth and on other, it is love for non-violence. A Satyagrahi must have the courage to fight all injustices with a firm faith in non-violence and love for the opponent. It can only be practiced by the brave and not by the cowards. Satyagraha is non-violent method of opposition, it should be practiced not only by the individuals but also by the societies and nations because it is the only way through which we can establish harmony and peace among the nations. And so, Satyagraha has its relevance even today."

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