A Handbook of Teaching and Learning

Shalini Wadhwa, Sarup and Sons, 2008, viii, 242 p, ISBN : 8176258364, $36.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. 1. Principles of student assessment. 2. Student motivation. 3. Understanding student learning. 4. Organizing teaching and learning. 5. Teaching and learning in smaller groups. 6. Teaching and learning for skills development. 7. Supporting learning from experience. 8. Lecturing for learning. 9. Teaching portfolios. 10. Reflective practice. 11. Observation of teaching practice. 12. The assessment of teaching. 13. Supporting student learning. 14. Quality and standards in teaching. 15. Virtual space, real learning: an introduction to VLEs. 16. Supervising projects. Index.

"Teaching is a highly professional activity. It is often said that good teachers are born. This is true that every body does not have a bent of mind for teaching. But nowadays due to mass education, teachers have to be created and trained. There was a time when some specific communities took to the teaching profession but nowadays teaching has ceased to be the preserve of the few.

Similarly over the years, based on the experience of the teachers and discoveries in the field of other social sciences like psychology and sociology, the profession of teaching has been immensely enriched and benefited. This has virtually made teaching a full fledged discipline." (jacket)

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