A Textbook of Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates

Raghvendra Puri, Dominant, 2009, viii, 298 p, figs, ISBN : 817888609X, $50.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. 1. Integumentary system. 2. Digestive system. 3. Respiratory system. 4. Circulatory system. 5. Excretory and reproductive systems. 6. Reproductive system. 7. Endocrine glands. 8. Nervous system.

"This book presents a thorough and accessible account of comparative anatomy of vertebrates and is designed to be useful and effective for the students of zoology, life sciences and other allied fields. The subject matter is as such that it facilitates the students at the graduate and postgraduate level. It not only covers all the important topics that is required in a textbook, but also introduces the reader with latest developments and informations. Topics are address with terminology that is as simple as possible, so that the students will not be impeded by arcane words but will be able to see what the phenomenon is without difficulty." (jacket)

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