A Handbook of Educational Leadership

Tara Chand Sharma, Sarup & Sons, 2008, viii, 380 p, ISBN : 8176258199, $47.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. 1. Leadership in education: losing sight of our interests. 2. The life world at the center: values and action in educational leadership. 3. Leadership theory. 4. Structure in organisations. 5. Inventive management and leadership. 6. Management of knowledge. 7. The arts of leadership. 8. An international analysis of head teacher/principal training. 9. Effective training for subject leaders. 10. Conflict and change: daily challenges for school leaders. 11. Management development and a Mismatch of objectives: the culture change process in the NHS. 12. Effective leaders and effective schools. 13. Fostering teacher leadership. 14. Critical studies on men, masculinities and management. 15. Cross-cultural perspectives on school leadership: themes from native American interviews. 16. Managing ambiguity in further education. 17. Between hierarchical control and collegiality: the academic middle manager in higher education. 18. The emotional side of leadership. 19. Leadership challenges and ethical Dilemmas in front-line organisations. Index.

"Educational leadership functions at the national, state, district and the local level. The quality of education depends to a great extent on the quality of leadership in education.

In independent India, in the beginning of the independence days, not much attention could be given to the development of education. However, there were the economic considerations, because investment in education is a long term investment and as such sectors like agriculture, and industry were given priority.

But gradually investment in education has increased and the system of higher education in India has expanded considerably helping the economy to grow.

Nowadays there are plans to provide 100% literacy in the country." (jacket)

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