Glacier Atlas of India

V.K. Raina and Deepak Srivastava, Geological Society of India, 2008, viii, 316 p, 179 col. figs, 151 black and white figs, tables, ISBN : 8185867809, $120.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Glacier Atlas of India/V.K. Raina and Deepak Srivastava

Contents: Preface. I. 1. Glaciers: Origin, classification ad surface features/V.K. Raina. II: 1. Glacier processes and landforms/V.K. Raina. III: 1. Surging glaciers in the Himalayas/V.K. Raina. IV: 1. Introductory note on the inventory of the glaciers in the Indian Himalayas/V.K. Raina and D. Srivastava. 2. Glacier inventory - basin wise classification of glaciers and data cards/R.K. Singh, D. Srivastava and C.V. Sangewar. Center Spread: Himalayan Panorama. V: 1. Historical documentation of the glaciological studies in India, with details for a few selected glaciers/V.K. Raina, D. Srivastava and C.V. Sangewar. 2. Glacier regimen/fluctuation/hydrometry and mass transfer studies in the Himalayas/V.K. Raina, D. Srivastava, R.K. Singh and C.V. Sangewar. 3. Glaciers as repository of past climate and impact of aerosol dumps on glacier regimen/V.K. Raina and C.V. Sangewar. VI: 1. Snow cover assessment in the Himalayas/V.K. Raina, R.K. Singh, D. Srivastava and C.V. Sangewar. 2. Winter snow precipitation data/pattern in N.W. Himalayas/V.K. Raina. 3. Snow cover fluctuation in a glacier bearing basin in North West Himalaya and its impact on the glacier fluctuation and melt water discharge/V.K. Raina and D. Srivastava. 4. Role of avalanches in Glacier Regimen/Ashwagosha Ganjoo. VII: 1. Photographs of the snout of some well known Indian glaciers. 2. Annexures. 3. Satellite (IRS-LISS-III) pictures showing fluctuation of the snow cover in the Bhagirathi Basin from 1990 AD to 2000 AD. 4. Temperature variation (average) during the winter-accumulation season - in North West Himalayas. VIII: Bibliography. 1. Published papers. 2. Office File Reports (GSI unpublished reports).

"Visiting a glacier in the Himalayas is a tough but a fascinating experience with lofty snow clad peaks, milky white glacial streams and lush green meadows. The present book 'Glacier Atlas of India' is a collection of some of the a rarest, breath taking photographs along with lucid write ups and descriptions of the various glacial processes and the glacier geo-morphological features from the entire length and the breadth of the Himalayas and makes the reader feel the pulse of the glaciers. The book will fill the long awaited gap in the knowledge of Indian glaciers. With the growing awareness about climate change and in turn glaciers, the book will be a memorable experience for one and all." (jacket)

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