A Comprehensive Case History of Geotechnical Investigation in Rammam Hydroelectric Project, Darjeeling District, West Bengal

Chinmoy Paul, Geological Survey of India, 2008, pbk, Geological Survey of India Bulletin Series B. No. 61, x, 116 p, tables, 31 figs, 16 col. photos, $15.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Foreword. Abstract. 1. Introduction. 2. Salient features of Rammam Hydel Project. 3. Physiography and regional geological set up. 4. Geology of the project area. 5. Lodhama intake and Desilting Basin. 6. Lodhama flume path. 7. Rammam weir site. 8. Rammam Desilting Basin. 9. Rammam Head Race Tunnel (HRT). 10. Forebay. 11. Penstock. 12. Powerhouse. 13. Discussion and conclusions. References.

From the Foreword: "In this compilation work, a geological evaluation of various project components has been made. The major problems encountered during feasibility assessment to construction stages have been discussed in some detail. The various procedures adopted for tackling such problems have also been outlined. This significant compilation work will definitely act as a future guide to the geo-scientists and civil engineers in handling upcoming Hydro-Power Projects in similar geological conditions."

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