A History of Animals, Vol. I and II

O.G. Smith, K.N. Book House, 2009, Reprint, 480 p, 2 vols, ISBN : 8190672474, $70.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Vol. I. I. Animals of the horse kind: 1. The horse. 2. The Ass. 3. The Zebra. II. Ruminating Animals: 1. Introduction. 2. The cow kind : the Buffalo. 3. Animals of the sheep and goat kind. 4. The musk animal. 5. Animals of the deer kind. III. Quadrupeds of the Hog kind: 1. Introduction. 2. The Peccary of Tajacu. 3. The Capibara, or Cabiai. 4. The Babyrouessa, or Indian Hog. IV. Carnivorous animals: 1. Animals of the cat kind. 2. Animals of the Dog kind. 3. Animals of the Weasel kind.

Vol. II. V. Animals of the hare kind: 1. Introduction. VI. Animals of the rat, Hedgehog, etc. kinds: 1. The rat kind. 2. The hedgehog, or prickly kind. 3. Quadrupeds covered with scales or shells instead of hair. 4. Animals of the rat kind. 5. Amphibious quadrupeds. VII. The monkey kind, the elephant, Rhinoceros, etc.: 1. Animals of the monkey kind. 2. The elephant. 3. The Rhinoceros. 4. The hippopotamus. 5. The camelopard. 6. The camel and the Dromedary. 7. The Lama. 8. The Nyl-ghan. 9. The bear. 10. The Badger. 11. The Tapir. 12. The Racoon. 13. The Coatimondi. 14. The ant-beer. 15. The sloth. 16. The Jerboa.

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