Economics of Mahatma Gandhi : Challenges and Development

Anil Kumar Thakur and Mithilesh Kumar Sinha, Deep and Deep, 2009, xv, 508 p, ISBN : 8184501582, $70.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. 1. Gandhian economic thinking: it's relevance in 21st century India/I.D. Gupta. 2. Gandhian equity and justice: a comparative study with the neo-classical and Rawlsian approach/Mrinal Kumar Dasgupta. 3. Relevance of economic ideas of Gandhi in 21st century/Harindra Kishor Mishra. 4. Empowerment of women: the Gandhian model/Sandhyarani Das and R.P. Sarma. 5. Gandhi and welfare: take-over of agricultural land for industry/Sudakshina Gupta. 6. Gandhi: the pioneer of an alternative and parallel tradition in Indian economic thoughts/A. Sangamithra. 7. Gandhiji's view on Panchayati and New Panchayat Raj System/R. Arunachalam and R. Sreenivasan. 8. The relevance of Gandhian economic philosophy in 21st century/Mithilesh Kumar Sinha and Rakesh K. Singh. 9. Gandhiji's views on industrialisation and its relevance/S. Ramachandran. 10. Gandhian economic thought and its contemporary relevance/R.S. Bawa. 11. Economics of Mahatma Gandhi: challenges and development/Bishwanath Singh and R.P. Singh. 12. PMGSY--an entry point for Gandhian vision/Urmila Vijayavargiya and Sharad Tiwari . 13. Gandhian views on sustainable economic development/R.S. Gadage. 14. Gandhian industrial development model and its relevance today/M.G. Basava Raja and K.S. Rajashekhar. 15. Relevance of Gandhian economic though in the era of the globalisation: rethinking national economic planning, priorities, policies and programmes/Mahesh V. Joshi and Mohan Bhai Patel. 16. Gandhian views on economics of Khadi and perpetual unemployment/Rajesh Pal. 17. Relevance of Gandhian economics for meeting the challenges culminating in the present day global era/Birendra Kumar Jha and Arun Kumar Thakur. 18. Globalisation laying development path of village economy--relevance of Gandhian economics in 21st century/K.M. Naidu, L.K. Mohan Rao, K. Srinivasulu Naidu and K. Mahesh Naidu. 19. Relevance of Gandhian economic thoughts in 21st century/M.M. Goel. 20. Gandhian view of sustainable development: some issues/Sachinandan. 21. Modern relevance of the Gandhian concept of Swadeshi/Ratan Lal Basu. 22. Gandhi on equity and land questions in India/D.M. Diwakar. 23. Gandhian economics and consumerism/Niraj Kumar. 24. Economics of Gandhi's Satyagraha and development/Ram Naresh Thakur and Yogendra Kumar. 25. Economics ideas of Gandhiji--its relevance/R.U. Singh and Maheshwar Goit. 26. Economics of Mahatma Gandhi: Challenges and Development/G.M. Bhat and Shabir Ahmad Padder. 27. Gandhian economic philosophy and its relevance in the 21st century/Shakuntla Gupta and Nisha Bhargav. 28. Gandhian views: a global perspective and its relevance/Pushpa Sinha and Ratna Mitra. 29. Concepts of Social justice and equity in Gandhian perspective/Dalip Kumar and Venkatesh Sharma. 30. Mahatma Gandhi's Realisation of Democracy, non-violence and Governance (1869-1948)/Arjun Singh. 31. Gandhian thought in 21st century: relevance and limitations/Sunil Kumar. 32. Relevance of Gandhian economic thoughts in the context of present economic problems of Indian economy/N. Sharma and Aniruddha Kumar. 33. Gandhian economic philosophy: its resilience and survival in the 21st century/Ugra Mohan Jha and Amrendra Kumar Singh. 34. Relevance of Gandhian rural economic philosophy in twenty-first century: India and its challenges/S. Rengarajan and R. Raj Kumar. 35. Mahatma Gandhi: his journalistic venture and rural reconstruction/Raghubansh Singh. Index.

"This book deals with various aspects of economic ideas of Gandhiji along with the evaluation of the relevance of Gandhian ideology in modern and technological era wherein the trend of consumerism has emerged and moral value has lost its identity.

Gandhian economic philosophy is becoming increasingly relevant to the world as well as India today, particularly, the Third World countries. If 19th century belonged to Carlyle, Ruskin, and the twentieth to Russell and Huxley, 21st century belongs to Gandhi alone. Actually Gandhian economic philosophy is the road to prosperity, social justice and balanced growth because it is panacea for all economic and social problems, arising in recent years due to growing violence, bringing wars in the minds of men and the occurrence of jobless, ruthless, rootless, voiceless, and futureless growth.

Gandhian economic thought is good economics that concentrates on the even distribution of economic opportunities and benefits that is the need of the time; otherwise the world will have to face anarchism in future. Freedom from hunger socialism collapsed due to its own drawbacks, its binary opposite, blood thirsty free market liberalism too is found wanting, resulting in violence, misery and sense of inner discontent. Therefore, at this juncture, we need to rediscover Gandhian paths of development which would lead to march on the road of progress and prosperity.

Thirty-five scholarly papers have been included in this book, covering all the Gandhian economic thoughts with their relevancy in 21st century. A Small briefing preceding each theme has been added with an elaborate introduction for the convenience of the readers, which outlines main issues and the central tenet of the book along with a brief summary of each paper.

The book is timely and deals with a highly debated theme. The contents of the book are likely to be useful for academics, policy-makers, corporate professionals and students interested in research on Gandhian economic philosophy." (jacket)

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