Democratic Processes in Central Asia : Indo-Kazakh Perspectives

Edited by K. Santhanam, Baizakova Kuralay Irtysovna and Kukeyeva Fatima Turarovna, Aryan Books International, 2009, xx, 196 p, tables, figs, ISBN : 8173053719, $35.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. About the editors. About the contributors. 1. Reclaiming Eurasia: Eurasianism and contemporary Kazakh politics/Anita Sengupta. 2. Evolution of Presidentship in the Republic of Kazakhstan/K.N. Baizakova. 3. Democracy in Central Asia/Kh. Umarov. 4. Democracy and security in identity of Central Asia/Rustam Burnashev and Irina Chernykh. 5. The growth of democracy in Kazakhstan/K.N. Makasheva. 6. Revived and invented traditions in the political systems of Central Asian States/A.A. Galiev. 7. Traditional legal institutions of the nomads of Eurasia: History and modernity/G.A. Urozbaeva. 8. Democratization in Central Asia and the US experience/Kukeyeva Fatima. 9. Political transformations in Kazakhstan/M.Sh. Gubaidullina. 10. Constitutional principles of the Republic of Kazakhstan and transformations in Kazakh politics/S.Zh. Sapanov. 11. Central Asia: democracy of a different flavour/P.L. Dash. 12. Political systems of India and Kazakhstan: a comparative analysis/Aliya Askarovna Akataeva. 13. Human Rights Protection in the context of counter-terrorist operations in Kazakhstan/Lessya Karataeva. 14. Globalisation in Central Asia with special reference to Kazakhstan/Kuldip Singh. 15. Inter-regional cooperation between Central Asia and South Asia: potential and constraints/R.G. Gidadhubli and Sanjay Deshpande. 16. Regional cooperation between South and Central Asia: a critical survey/Jyotsna Bakshi. 17. Recent developments in Afghanistan and their impact on South and Central Asia/Nivedita Das Kundu. Annexures: i. The India-Central Asia Foundation (ICAF). ii. Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. iii. Faculty of international relations, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. iv. Indian Council of world affairs. Index.

"This book is a joint research product of scholars from India and Kazakhstan and focuses on democratic processes in Central Asia in general and Kazakhstan in particular. It contains a detailed examination of constitutional and political systems in Kazakhstan, Inter-regional cooperation between Central and South Asia. India and Kazakhstan are poised to play significant roles in international affairs and the book advances knowledge in understanding how and why these developments have occurred. This compendium provides valuable and timely insights into the contours of their foreign policies and emerging trends of importance to students and scholars of regional and international affairs around the world. The book pays special attention to political transformations in Kazakhstan while surveying traditional legal institutions of nomads of Eurasia. The book aims at enabling a better understanding of Indo-Kazakh relations through scholarly exchanges and sharing of perceptions in the gamut of politico-economic-nation building matters faced in the region.

ICAF and DIR of the AI-Farabi Kazakh National University hope that this book would contribute towards a greater and enlightened appreciation of democratic processes in Central Asia, Indo-Kazakh relations and advance common interests in Central Asia and other regions. Both believe that this book would be of use at the Track I and Track II levels of engagement. It is likely to be of direct interest to scholars, policy makers, diplomats, entrepreneurs, academics and decision makers in both countries as well as those with a general interest in Central Asia - a region which has assumed a higher importance in recent times." (jacket)

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