Ornamental Fish Culture and Aquarium Management

A.D. Dholakia, Daya Pub, 2009, xxx, 314 p, 150 col. figs, 298 b/w figs, ISBN : 9788170356240, $80.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Ornamental Fish Culture and Aquarium Management/A.D. Dholakia

Contents: Acknowledgement. Foreword. Preface. Recommendation. 1. Introduction. 2. Fabrication and arrangement of aquarium. 3. Aquarium accessories. 4. Aquarium plants: i. Rooted plants. ii. Bunched plants. iii. Floating plants. 5. Fish feed and their culture. 6. Ornamental fish breeding technique. 7. Freshwater ornamental fishes. 8. Marine ornamental fishes. 9. Diseases and their treatment of ornamental fishes. 10. Aquarium management. 11. Ornamental fishes available from natural source in different states of India. Appendixes. Glossary. References. 

"This book gives the details of Ornamental fish culture and aquarium management. It means how to identify freshwater and marine water ornamental i.e. decorative, fancy, colourful and beautiful looked fish. The art of keeping, breeding and maintaining such beautiful colourful fish in aquarium is also discussed in this book.

In this book how to fabricate different types of aquarium in stepwise method is explained with figures. How to arrange different aquarium accessories and basic rules of arrangement is explained. Details of 28 aquarium accessories with photographs are given. Identification of different aquarium plants with photographs are given so that they can be used as decorative plants in aquarium.

Identification and culture of 14 live aquarium fish feed as well as preparation method for artificial fish feed is explained so that one can start culture them to establish small scale business.

Different breeding methods for freshwater as well as marine ornamental fishes are explained in one chapter of this book.

Details of 148 freshwater ornamental fishes with classification, common names, scientific name, identification with colour photograph, water quality for fry and adult, sex ratio for breeding and breeding method for such individual fish, their aquarium behaviour, their food and feeding method etc. are given in details. This will help any hobbyist and culturist to maintain and earn good business. Similar details of 28 marine ornamental fishes are also given in this book.

Identification of diseases and treatment of ornamental fishes are discussed with 16 photographs, two charts and a table. Aquarium management is discussed giving 4 tables and one chart. Advantage in aquarium keeping in different place and part of our home with FANSUI idea is also discussed.

The lists of available ornamental fishes of India in natural resources of different states are given." (jacket)

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