Contemporary Research Papers of Social Sciences, Vol. II. Theme: Environmental Politics in India: Issues, Challenges and Prospects

Edited by Prakash Lakhera, Mallika Books, 2010, 384 p, ISBN : 8189147064, $42.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. 1. The Environmental Protest Movement against the construction of Polvavaram Dam in Andhra Pradesh: A study/M.A. Hussain. 2. Variation in soil composition due to the application of effluent and press mud cake/Satya Prakash Gangwar, Ajai Kr. Paliwal and Mahesh Kumar. 3. Ecological security and the needs of development/Deepak Kumar Pandey. 4. Ecological encounter between Britain and India--Understanding development of colonial forestry and its impact on the marginalized people in the Uttarakhand/Sharad Bhatt. 5. Environmental movement from Chipko to Maiti: a historical analysis/Prakash Lakhera and Shika Jain. 6. Tribal community: a model of sustainable development (A Bhotia Tribal Community of Uttarakhand)/M.M.S. Negi. 7. Role of the NGOs and corporate to conservation of environment/Jai Pal Yadav. 8. NGOs in Uttarakhand/Ila Sah and Manikant Sah. 9. A biotic environment of Nanak Sagar Dam Uttarakhand/Promod Joshi. 10. Importance of environmental education in conservation of environment/Alka Mittal. 11. Bridging environment in the global age: sacred or profane/Saket Bihari. 12. Hazardous waste management in India and Canada/Sanjay Sharma and Prakash Lakhera. 13. Environment losses through nomadic and heavy grazing in temperate grasslands of District Uttarkashi in Garhwal Himalaya/M.P.S. Parmar and Vijay Bahuguna. 14. Educational competency of elementary teachers on environmental education/Arvind Sharma. 15. Environmental education for sustainable development/D. Venkateshwarlu. 16. Environment and development/Harish Chandra Joshi. 17. Healthy environment: a human right/Naresh Kumar Singh. 18. Traditional knowledge of medicinal plants, its cultivation for environment conservation and sustainable development/Vijay Bahuguna and M.P.S. Parmar. 19. Van Panchayat in Uttarakhand/Sanjay Kumar, Lalit M. Tewari, Kanchan Upreti and Geeta Tewari. 20. Gharats: traditional wheel and modern technology/Vijay Singh Negi. 21. Environmental protection and civil society/Ankit Joshi and Prakash Lakhera. 22. Environmental management and help reverse climate change--a story of community action in India/Rajendra Singh. 23. Role of judiciary in environmental protection/Brijesh Kumar Joshi. 24. Environmental problem: a general analysis/Prakash Lakhera and Kalpana Lakhera. [19 Articles in Hindi].

"The Universe is made of five elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. Making in the process of civilization has developed certain things which have become a curse to society. The relation between nature and man is very old. Since the enlightenment man has been focusing on instrumental knowledge and dominating the nature. Karl Marx also advocated the 'Philosophy of Alienation' which is focused on the worker under condition of industrial capitalism and colonialism. Today, environment has gotten affected by the evils of the modern science, like global warming, acid rain, Green House Effect, deforestation, deterioration human health, depletion of Ozone layer, danger sign for Islands etc. These environmental problems have a great impact on contemporary world.

The book focuses on the concept, meaning and evolution of environmental issues. To discuss, that is primary responsible for environmental pollution, identify these problems faced by government and people, to suggest ways to promote environmental protection. With the increasing development, the socio-economic condition of the local inhabitants have undergone a radical change in some areas, so that there is a great urgency, driving many government and voluntary organization to solve these burning threats, which can save and protect forest, landscape, control all types of pollution and protect and improve the environment for a better and healthy life in the society. There are forty three research papers included, which are discussing all the dimension of environmental politics, issues, challenges and prospects. This book will be fruitful to policy makers, administrators, intellectuals and research scholars." (jacket)

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