Development Vision of North-East India

Edited by Jaynal Uddin Ahmed, Concept Pub, 2010, xxvi, 452 p, tables, ISBN : 8180696448, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Development Vision of North-East India/edited by Jaynal Uddin Ahmed

Contents: Foreword. Acknowledgements. Introduction. List of contributors. I. Development revelation with reference to North-East India: Problems and prospects: 1. Development a collective journey -- well-being its destination: some reflections in the context of Naga society/Chandan Debnath. 2. Export from North-Eastern Region of India: opportunities and challenges/S. Sikidar, B. Bora and A. Adhikary. 3. Perspectives of economic development in North-Eastern Region: issues and challenges/Lightsie Marbaniang. 4. Micro-finance and rural development: analytical issues for Model - II/Deepak Bhagat. 5. Problems and prospects of rural development in Lunglei District of Mizoram/Alaka Sarmah and Harendra Sinha. II. Entrepreneurship and industrial development in North-East India: Issues and challenges: 6. Socio-cultural factors in entrepreneurship development in North-East India: some reflections/S.K. Nanda. 7. A study on the problems of business and industry in Mizoram/K.C. Kabra. 8. Role of village and cottage industries in economic transformation: a study on handicraft industry/D.Y.N. Verma. 9. A study on the problems faced by entrepreneurs in Assam/Baharul Islam Laskar and Md. Abdul Rashid. 10. Problems and prospects of rural entrepreneurship with special reference to Mizoram/R.K.P.G. Singha and K.C. Kabra. III. Prospects of tourism and infrastructure exposition in North-East India: 11. Challenges to development of tourism in North-East India: A micro study/Komol Singha. 12. Prospects of tourism in North-Eastern region of India with special reference to Mizoram/Bhartendu Singh and R.K.P.G. Singha. 13. Entrepreneurship development and tourism industry in North-East India/V. Ramabrahmam. 14. Services rendered by State Bank of India: a study in Garo Hills Districts of Meghalaya/J.U. Ahmed and Vikas Kumar. 15. Development of communication in North-East India with special reference to Arunachal Pradesh/Ram Krishna Mandal. IV. The case studies on agricultural perspectives in North-Eastern Region of India: 16. Efficiency of credit delivery institutions in spotlighting a dynamic farming sector: an indicative study/Jayanal Uddin Ahmed. 17. Pattern of farm decision-making by Manipuri women/Ng. Narahari Singh, T. Matouleibi Chanu and Angad Prasad. 18. Dairying as a means of livelihood for rural poors and educated unemployed youth in N.E. Region of India/B.K. Misra. 19. Agricultural extension and farmers of North-East India: application of innovative ICT tools and unified extension model to boost agri-business development/Deepak Bhagat. 20. Inter-district disparities in distribution of land holdings in Nagaland/Santosh Singh and B.K. Misra. V. Potential resources and promotional activities with reference to North-Eastern Region: 21. Mushrooms and its medicinal value: an outline/R.C. Gupta. 22. Ethno-botanical accounts on wild edible plants of Manipur/Ksh. Dedril Kumar Singh. 23. Forest management system in Meghalaya/Surojit Sengupta. 24. Resource productivity and production efficiency of paddy: a case study/B.K. Mishra and Santosh Singh. 25. Resource potentiality and big-box retailing in the context of North-Eastern Region/D.H. Malini. VI. Traditional knowledge and education with regional dimension of North-East India: 26. Development of traditional knowledge under the Intellectual Property Right Regime in North-East India/Sharif Uddin. 27. People's participation a key for effective development: its relevance in contemporary Nagaland/G. Singaiah and Chandan Debnath. 28. Schooling among swiddeners: a study of Amingokgre village in Meghalaya/J.V. Madhusudhan and A.G. Khan. 29. Unfolding the teacher education in North-Eastern region: a step towards bridging learning-teaching divide/Sambit Kumar Padhi. Index.

"This book, containing twenty-nine papers, attempts to examine the various aspects of development in North-East India. It addresses issues concerning cultural dimensions of tribal society, perspectives of economic development, problems of rural development, and challenges of entrepreneurship as well as industrial development.

Taking a close look at the prospects of tourism in the North-East region, the contributors also discuss at length the infrastructure exposition, agricultural development, natural resources, traditional knowledge and educational growth." (jacket)

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