Accounting and Finance for Managers

T.P. Ghosh, Taxmann, 2007, ISBN : 8174969640, $20.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Accounting and Finance for Managers/T.P. Ghosh

A Contemporary Text Book For MBA/BBA Students

This book focuses on end users approach in explaining financial accounting, cost management and financial management.  Basic theories of accounting and finance are illustrated using numerous worked out corporate examples. 

·         Understanding of profit and loss account and balance sheet exclusively for non-commerce students.

·         Cash flow analysis.

·         Funds flow analysis.

·         Lucid explanation of financial ratios.

·         Economic value added.

·         Case studies of Reliance Industries Ltd., Infosys Technologies Ltd. and Wipro Ltd.

·         Cost analysis for decision making-Strategies of converting fixed costs into variable costs - Cost management in the age of global competition.

·         Activity Based Costing for manufacturing and service industries.

·         Investment, financing and dividend decisions.

·         Working capital planning and financing.

·         Standard costing and variance analysis.

·         Budgetary control and flexible budgets.


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