Ruskin Bond : The Writer Saint of Garhwal Himalaya

Amita Aggarwal, Sarup Book Publishsers, 2010, xii, 120 p, ISBN : 9788176256308, $25.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Ruskin Bond : The Writer Saint of Garhwal Himalaya

Contents: Foreword. 1. Ruskin Bond’s Life and Creative Journey. 2. Ruskin Bond’s Vision of Life. 3. Mountains in My Blood. 4. Conclusion. 5. Appendix. 6. Bibliography. Index.

“Mountains are in my blood”, says Bond and returns to the magnanimous speaks to share the beauties of life with men, beast and birds-the God’s plenty. “Living in the hills is like living in the bosom of a strong, sometime proud, but always a comforting mother,” he says.

The sea has been celebrated by many English writers but there are few comparable for whom mountains have been a recurring them Mountains are the archetypal symbols of permanence, endurance and spiritual deliverance articulated in sublime forms, be it religion, art or literature.

The book highlights Bond’s vision of life as a person and as a writer under the influence of Divine Himalaya. It is his love for nature and creation which enables him to touch upon the essence of life.

The book is of great help to the admirers and researchers of Bond, it unfolds the regional features of pristine Garhwal Himalaya – the topography-rivers, ravines, hills, and valleys; life – people, flora and fauna, ghosts and phantoms, popular beliefs and myths, hardships and threats etc. as perceived by Ruskin Bond. They have immense sociological, cultural, historical and ecological significance. The book takes up those elements in focus that have been primarily elucidated by Bond as part of mountain life. The issues like the irreparable loss of ecological balance in the region – the severe catastrophe caused by deforestation, stone mining, urbanization and reckless hype in tourism – are of global concern. In this respect the present study may be useful for history, science, archeological and environmental researchers along with literary readers. To those who seek the fragrance of native soil as the source of creativity, the book may help considerably.

It also includes an informal talk with Bond discussing various aspects of literature reading in current scenario.”

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