A Text Book of Sales Management

K.P. Masani, Wisdom Press, 2011, x, 292 p, ISBN : 9789380199368, $53.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. 1. Key Factors in Sales Management. 2. Sales Structure. 3. Channels for Sales. 4. Sales at Various Levels. 5. Product Promotion for Sales. 6. Sales as an Art. 7. Sales Assessment. Bibliography. Index.

“This book has been structured by taking in mind the requirements of students specializing in sales management, marketing and other allied fields, whose main accountability is to achieve targets and results. It is designed to prepare upper-level undergraduate and graduate business students for work in the exciting field of global sales management. It takes a look at all that comprise the principles and foundations of this form of management.

The book is well-organized, easy-to-read and the text covers the entire gamut of development that is taking place in the field by keeping in view the requirement of the students and professionals in the field.” (jacket)

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