Ambedkar : As Critic of Hindu Religion

Lalit K. Sahay, Mohit Publications, 2010, 280 p, ISBN : 8174455277, $0.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Ambedkar : As Critic of Hindu Religion

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction to Hinduism. 2. Ambedkar on Tyranny of Hindus. 3. The Hinduism's philosophy. 4. Legal definition of Hinduism. 5. Morality of Hinduism. 6. Riddle in Hinduism. 7. Hindus and want of public conscience. 8. The house the Hindus have built. 9. Movements against caste within Hinduism. 10. The revolt of the untouchables. Bibliography. Index.

"As law government social conduct and civic rights it is inoperative. But if it has gone out of as law, it remains as custom. Looked at from the stand point of Dharma and Adharma, can it be doubted that underneath the lawlessness and ruthlessness of the Hindus in suppressing the revolt of the untouchables, they are actuated by what they think a noble purpose of preventing an outrage upon their Dharma. It may well be asked how much of this Dharma of Manu now remains?

The book finds its comprehensive treatment about the varied critical standpoint of Ambedkar on Hindu religion." (jacket)   

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