Aharam : Traditional Cuisine of Tamil Nadu

Sabita Radhakrishnan, BPI India, 2010, 260 p, ISBN : 9788176930208, $25.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Aharam : Traditional Cuisine of Tamil Nadu

"Tamilian cookery has always had its own distinctive tradition, but to most non-Tamilians, only the stereotypes are distinguishable... the ubiquitous dosai, idlis, sambars and chutneys, without which southern cuisine would be incomplete. Few are aware of the rich repertoire of traditional Tamilian cookery, the non-vegetarian dishes, not heavily spiced, nor oily, but delightful in their variety and range, and their vegetarian counterparts.

Beseiged by requests from young brides and not-so-young ones, to give them the languishing recipes from the Tamilian communities, Sabita Radhakrishna was inspired to write this book, and for a beginning, recorded her mother's traditional recipes, trying each one out in her kitchen and then standardising and refitting it to suit the contemporary woman with her modern gadgets. She presents in Aharam an invaluable record of authentic Tamilian food."

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