Advertisement in Print Media

Sanjay Kaptan, Book Enclave, ISBN : 818703646X, $26.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Advertisement in Print Media

Contents: 1.  What is an Advertising? 2. Genesis of Advertising and its Present Status. 3. Print Media Advertising. 4. Print Media in India. 5. Advertising Warfare in India. 6. Advocacy Campaigns in India. 7. Images of Indian Women in Advertising. 8. Advertising Legislation in India.

"The whole concept of advertising has changed in last three decades. India has witnessed a great transformation in terms of its economic, social and cultural advancement. The credit of this transformation can be attributed to a great extent to communication systems and media. The role of media whether print or electronic has increased enormously in the modern world. The visible and powerful impact of technology can definitely seen realised and experienced only through this powerful tool of social change. Advertising is one such aspect of media that plays a vital role.

Role of advertising in print media is enhancing due to its capability to influence social psyche and the mind set of consumers. Keeping this in mind the authors has tried to explain how the advertising has changed its role in last few decades. This book is realise on role of advertising in the changing socio economic context. It also throws light on how the companies are responding to the change in basic structure of Indian Society."

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