Advertising Management

R.K. Chauhan, Book Enclave, ISBN : 8187036257, $22.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Advertising Management

Contents: 1. Advertising Influence. 2. Image and Reality. 3. The Advertising Message. 4. Advertising Management. 5. Limits of Advertising. 6. New Product Launches. 7. Absence of Advertising. 8. Seasonal Advertising. 9. Maximising Ad Effectiveness. 10.  Communicating the Corporate. 11.  Measurement of Advertising Effects in Memory. 12.  The Buy-ology of Mind. 13.  Understanding Press Coverage for Effectiveness

"Advertising is influencing the mind of buyers and users to use a particular brand.

The more a brand is advertised, the more popular and familiar it is perceived to be. Popularity is like a magnet. Advertising can enhance its power to attract. We, as consumers, somehow infer that something is popular simply because it is advertised. If pushed too quickly or to extremes, perceived popularity can go ‘over the top’. The pole of the magnet can reverse and repel rather than attract us.

This book has tried to present a fuller understanding of the subtleties and complexities of advertising as revealed through the systematic, continuous tracking of advertising compaigns as well as by scientific developments in psychological research into memory and behaviour.

This book has tried to demystify advertising by developing an understanding of some of the real psychological mechanisms under-lying it."

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