Collected Works of Professor B.R. Grover, Vol. V. Mughal Land Revenue Apparatus

Edited by Amrita Grover, Anju Grover Chaudhary and J.C. Dua, Originals, 2010, xxii, 154 p, ISBN : 8184540802, $28.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Collected Works of Professor B.R. Grover, Vol. V. Mughal Land Revenue Apparatus

Contents: About the author. Preface. Introduction. 1. An introduction to Mughal land revenue apparatus. 2. Sarkar administration. 3. Pargana administration. 4. Thanadar. Index.

This volume, through dealing with the administrative units of the Mughal Empire, is a critical study of the entire Mughal land revenue apparatus. The papers presented in this volume give a comprehensive picture of the administrative jurisdiction, duties of the officials and the details of the working of the land revenue administration based on an in-depth study of the original Persian, English, Urdu and other sources found in different libraries and archives in India and abroad.

Keeping in view that the success of the fiscal policy of the state rests primarily on the administrative apparatus and the working of the land revenue administration, Professor Grover has made a tremendous contribution in this regard by assessing the working of the various administrative and revenue officials.

An important aspect so the administrative jurisdiction discussed in these papers pertains to the changes in the territorial circles and functions of the local officials that Professor Grover meticulously highlighted in his writings. Moreover, his writings reflect that there was a real need for a complete re-orientation of the existing theories and viewpoints to better understand the detailed workings of the Mughal land revenue administration.

With a new perspective on the administration of the territorial jurisdictions as well as the duties of important functionaries mentioned above, this volume should be of tremendous value to the students/scholars of medieval Indian history.

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