A Case Study on International Law and Political Science

A.K. Dixit, Cyber Tech Pub, 2011, viii, 280 p, ISBN : 9788178846965, $44.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Case Study on International Law and Political Science

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Writing Third World Resistance into International Law. 3. International Law, Third World Resistance and the Institutionalization of Development. 4. Laying the Groundwork: The Mandate System. 5. Radicalizing Institutions or Institutionalizing Radicalism? 6. From Resistance To Renewal. 7. Democracy and the Discontent of Development. 8. Human Rights and the Challenge of Social Movements. 9. Constituting the Discourse of Resistance. 10. Social Movements and the Challenge to International Law. 11. Markets, Gender and Identity. Bibliography. Index.

The urbanization is a reality of our changing world. In developing countries, the lack of job opportunities in rural areas, decline in subsistence economics, and hope of a better life have given rise to the modern megalopolis. Unfortunately, urban infrastructure, institutions and the natural resource base are often inadequate to support these burgeoning populations. A central question worldwide is, how can our cities be sustained under these circumstances? Water like air is a vital resource without substitute. Its supply, allocation and disposal present numerous challenges all of which must be sent to support these growing metropolitan regions. (Jacket)

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