Advanced Accounting : Volume II

D. Chandra Bose, PHI Learning, 820 p, ISBN : 9788120339460, $35.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Advanced Accounting : Volume IIContents Preface 1. Partnership: Introduction 2. Partnership: Admission 3. Partnership: Retirement and Death 4. Partnership: Dissolution 5. Company Accounts: Shares 6. Bonus Issue, Right Issue, Underwriting and Preference Share Redemption 7. Company Accounts: Debentures 8. Final Accounts and Profits Prior to Incorporation 9. Internal Reconstruction of Companies 10. Amalgamation, Absorption and External Reconstruction 11. Accounts of Banking Companies 12. Accounts of Insurance Companies Index
A sequel to the author’s Advanced Accounting-Volume I, this comprehensive and student-friendly book covers the multifarious aspects of accounting, ranging from partnership accounts, company accounts to bonus issue, rights issue, underwriting, and preference share redemption. The text focuses, in particular, on the accounts of banking and insurance companies. It also covers accounts with reference to incorporation and internal reconstruction of companies as well as amalgamation, absorption and external reconstruction of companies. A large number of illustrations and worked-out examples are provided to make the students understand the concepts better."
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