Educational and Vocational Guidance and Counselling

Om Prakash B. Pal, A.P.H. Publishing, 2011, viii, 406 p, ISBN : 9788131310496, $70.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Educational and Vocational Guidance and Counselling

Contents: Preface. Acknowledgements. 1. Historical aspects of guidance. 2. Guidance- the fundamental concepts. 3. Foundation of guidance. 4. Educational guidance-basic concepts. 5. Personal guidance. 6. Guidance for leisure time. 7. Educational and occupation information service. 8. Functions of guidance personnel. 9. Organization of guidance programme. 10. Educational guidance at different stages. 11. Juvenile delinquency. 12. Role of teacher in dealing with children with special needs. 15. Vocational guidance: basic concepts. 14. Collection, filling and dissemination of occupational information. 15. Vocational choice: development, maturity and adjustment. 16. Job analysis, job satisfaction and survey. 17. Guidance for women. 18. Evaluation of guidance programme. 19. Self employment promotion. 20. Career education model. 21. Guidance services in India. 22. School community interaction for guidance. 23. Guidance of children with special needs. 24. Children with mental retardation. 25. Education of exceptional gifted children. 26. The backward children. Bibliography.

Guidance, as a concept in the Western Intellectual World is just hundred year Old, but due to its utmost importance in the changing pattern of society it has received much attention in the Western World USA and UK in particular. In India guidance as a subject of academic study is in an infertile stage therefore, in India literature on guidance is very scanty and, thus there is a great need of a good book in our land. The work at hand is an attempt to fulfill his need of our people in the face changing pattern of socio-economic, socio-political, socio-educational and socio-cultural systems, which are taking complex shape due to advancement in science and technology and shifting nature of human behaviour and his adjustment with his family and society.

The principles and techniques of educational and vocational guidance is largely considered as a branch of guidance but because of its very wide and complex nature of indirectly encompasses the concept of educational, vocational personal and all other forms of guidance in its scope because all these forms of guidance aim at, in one way or the other, enhancing the social image and status of the individual and developed his personality which is the main aim of the principles and techniques of educational and vocational guidance.

This book captioned as Educational and Vocational Guidance and Counselling is a study of wide range of Principles, tools and techniques of educational and vocational guidance besides basic conceptual concepts of guidance, which deserve proper application in our national guidance programme.

Among the several books on guidance this books claims to be most comprehensive description and analysis of the basic and fundamental principles and techniques of educational and vocational guidance. It covers the syllabi of almost all the Indian Universities on the subject in simple and lucid language.

Planned as a textbook for the B.Ed and M.Ed students and reference books for the specialists, scholars, teachers and guidance workers. This book is critical constructive appraisal of the subject.

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