The Rabha Tribe of North East India : Bengal and Bangladesh

Phukan Basumatary, Mittal Pub, 2010, xvi, 116 p, ISBN : 8183243304, $22.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

The Rabha Tribe of North East India : Bengal and Bangladesh

Contents: Preface. Abbreviations. Glossary. 1. Introduction. 2. Cultural Heritage of the Rabhas. 3. Phonology. 4. Morphology. 5. Lexis. 6. Conclusion. Bibliography. Index.

The book is a short monograph of the Rabhas. It incorporates chiefly two major genres i.e. cultural and linguistic features. Here analysis has been done based on the field data collected from primary and secondary sources. Materials gathered in this work are divided into two parts: one is cultural elements and the other is linguistic features. The linguistic features have been shown at different levels: phonology, morphology and lexis. Analysis of cultural features has also been made from folkloristic point of view.

The study will help the interested readers and field-workers to have more information of culture and language of the Rabhas. This principal objective has been taken into account in this volume. It is an empirical study where cultural and linguistic items have been described and analyzed from a synchronic point of view. This study demands high academic value and sociological importance in the present day context of the northeastern region of India.  This study will carry on the multidimensional aspects of the language and culture of the society. (Jacket)

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