Climate Change, Trade and Natural Disasters

Biswajit Chatterjee, Deep and Deep, 2011, 146 p, ISBN : 9788184503630, $38.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Climate Change, Trade and Natural Disasters

Contents: Preface. Introduction. 1. Climate change and challenges for development. 2. Trade and climate change. 3. Natural disaster, risk and insurance-an analytical review. Index.

The book covers three important areas of current debate in development economics: climate change, international trade and natural disasters. In this monograph comprising three essays, an attempt has been made to review the major economic issues to bring into focus the choices and constraints faced by human race, particularly in the developing world to mitigate and combat the consequences of climate change and natural disasters. The implications of climate change for economic development of nations have been spelt out through the review of relevant literature in the first essay of the monograph. When open economy issues are included in the discourse on climate change, particularly in a globalised world, the link between international trade, climate change technological change and scope for multilateral trade negotiations under the WTO have been reviewed critically in the second essay of the volume. The third and final essay of the volume portrays an analytical review of the link between climate change, nature and types of natural disasters, their macroeconomic impacts on growth, development and technological progress and the implications of disaster insurance to combat and implications of disaster insurance to combat and mitigate the adverse effects of natural disasters which have been largely influenced by climatic variations. The policy implications of climate change induced natural disasters, linkage with international trade and the trade negotiations have been discussed in the book.

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