Susruta Samhita : Uttar Tantra (Concluding Doctrine of Susruta), With Special Notes on Dalhana's Commentary: Study on Salakya Tantra (Illustrated), Vol. I and Vol. II

Hemanta Panigrahi, Chaukhambha Pub, 2005, xii, 683 p, figs, $85.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Susruta Samhita : Uttar Tantra (Concluding Doctrine of Susruta), With Special Notes on Dalhana's Commentary: Study on Salakya Tantra (Illustrated), Vol. I and Vol. II Hemanta Panigrahi

Contents: Indo Romanic equivalents to Devnagri Scripts. Preface. 1. Aoupadravikam Adhyaya (concerning secondarise). 2. Sandhi Gata Roga (study of diseases of eye junctions). 3. Vartma Gata Roga (study of diseases of eye lids). 4. Sukla Gata Roga (study of diseases of Sclera). 5. Krusna Gata Roga (study of diseases of Cornea). 6. Sarva Gata Roga (study of diseases involving all parts of eye). 7. Drusti Gata Roga (study of diseases affecting vision). 8. Cikitsita Prabibhaga (study of classification of treatment of eye diseases). 9. Vatabhisyanda Pratisedha (management of Vataj Abhisyanda). 10. Pittabhisyanda Pratisedha (management of Pittaj Abhisyanda). 11. Slesmabhisyanda Pratisedha (management of Kaphaj Abhisyanda). 12. Raktabhisyanda Pratisedha (management of Raktabhisyanda). 13. Lekhya Roga Pratisedha (management of eye disease in which scrapping is indicated). 14. Bhedya Roga Pratisedham (management of exciseable eye diseases). 15. Chedya Roga Pratisedham (management of entropion). 16. Paksma Kopa Pratisedha (management of entropion). 17. Drusti gata Roga Pratisedha (management of diseases affecting vision). 18. Kriya Kalpa (ocular therapy). 19. Nayanbhighata Pratisedham (management of injuries to eyes). 20. Karna Gata Roga Vijnaniyam (study of diseases of ear). 21. Karna Gata Roga Pratisedha (management of diseases of ear). 22. Nasa Gata Roga Vijnaniyam (management of diseases of nose). 23. Nasagata Roga Pratisedham (management of diseases of nose). 24. Pratisyaya Pratisedham (management of common cold). 25. Sira Roga Vijnaniyam (study of diseases of head). 26. Sira Roga Pratisedham (management of head disease). Appendix.

"It is an ancient authoritative surgical treatise in Ayurveda. It is an unique book which has been written entirely in a new angle not attempted by any author till now. The author worked in a missionary spirit and take up the challenge of bringing out an authentic translation with its anvaya, annotation, alongwith English equivalents and commentary in English. The complete text is being presented in 6 volume. So many books published upon Susruta Samhita with its English translation, but the speciality of this book is, it contains the original text of Susruta in Sanskrit followed by its authentic English translation, anvaya of each verses, explanations where ever necessary are furnished in authorative invocations which makes each volume self reliant. Besides this suggestions given regarding possible area of research so that research can be planned on the basis of suggestion made in this book. The text is uncluttered and easy on the subject. A wealth of information is given. The subject matter is well organised, accurate and accompanied by high quality photographs which are particularly relevant and informative. The descriptions of chapter is excellent for a book intended for students and teachers.

With the increasing interest now a days for the study of texts in Ayurveda, both with in and out side India, a great need is felt for English translation and with its bit by bit anvaya vyakhya. This work on Susruta Samhita published first time is hope to be immense helpful for research scholars, students and practitioners of Ayurveda." (jacket)

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