Applied Mineralogy : Applications in Industry and Environment

Swapna Mukherjee, Capital Pub, 2011, xvi, 576 p, ISBN : 8185589283, $65.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Applied Mineralogy : Applications in Industry and Environment

Contents: Foreword. Preface. Introduction. Part. I. Essentials of Mineralogy. 1. Minerals and Their Chemical Classification. 2. Mineral Crystals and Structural Classification. 3. Mineral Chemistry. 4. Physical Properties. 5. Optical Mineralogy and Its Uses. 6. Special Mineral Properties and Related Structures. 7. Descriptive Mineralogy. Pat. II. Mineral Transformation and Their Effects. 8. Energetics, Thermodynamics and Stability of Minerals. 9. Origin of Minerals and Their Transformations in Nature under Various Environmental Conditions. 10. Mineral Deposits and Their Characteristics. 11. Marine Minerals in Different Environments. 12. Minerals and Mineral Associations as Geothermometers and Geobarometers. Part. III. Mineral Analysis, Industry and Environment. 13. Common Analytical Techniques in Mineralogical Studies. 14. Precious and Semiprecious Stones. 15. Mineralogy in Exploration of Mineral Deposits Using Magnetic, Electrical and Gravitational Properties. 16. Synthesis of Selected Minerals (Crystals) in Laboratory and Industry. 17. Industrial Mineralogy: Mineral Processing, Benefications and Other Related Mineral Usage. 18. Environmental Mineralogy. 19. Concept of Geomedicine and Medicinal Mineralogy. Index.

This book covers the entire spectrum of mineralogy and consolidates its applications in various fields. It starts (Part I) with the very basic concept of mineralogy describing in detail the implications of various aspects of mineral chemistry, crystallographic structures and their effects producing different mineral properties.

Part II of the book describes different aspects of mineralogy used to extend the studies of Geothermobarometry, mineral thermodynamics and phase diagrams, mineral exploration and analysis, some aspects of marine minerals etc.

The book finally (Part III) handles the applications in industrial, medicinal and environmental mineralogy along with precious and semiprecious stone studies. The various analytical techniques, their significance in handling specific type of mineralogical problems are also well accounted to complete the document.

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