Asian Mining : Resurgence of Mining in Asia : Prospects and Challenges: Vols I and II

Edited by L.K. Bose, B.C. Bhattacharya and G.P. Pathak, Geological and Metallurgical Institute of India, 2010, 648 p, 2 Vols, ISBN : 9788182110694, $160.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Asian Mining : Resurgence of Mining in Asia : Prospects and Challenges: Vols I and II

Contents: Vol. I. I. Keynote address: 1. India’s coal sector: prospects, challenges and future directions for sustainable development/Partha Bhattacharyya. 2. Oil and gas resources of India-emerging technology for maximizing recover/N.M. Borah. 3. India’s atomic mineral resources: prospects, challenges and future directions for sustainable development/R. Gupta. 4. Creating a culture of prevention towards zero harm/S.J. Sibal. 5. Small scale mining in Iran big challenge in the context of economic development/Abbas Parwaresh. 6. The fully-mechanized longwall technology and mining equipment in China/Jiao Chengyao. 7. Scenario of coal industry in India and a road map for future growth/P.R. Mandal. 8. India’s non coal mining sector in the perspective of new National Mineral Policy 2008/C.S. Gundewar and Y.G. Kale. II. Business and Investment opportunities in mineral industry: 1. The Australia India resources relationship/Peter Linford. 2. But who will mine the coal?/Shashi Kumar. 3. Investment opportunities in Indian coal sector/D.C. Garg. 4. Growth perspective of coal sector in India/A.K. Singh. 5. Proposed milestones for the Indian mining sector to deal with global competition and recession/Ratan Tatiya. 6. Techno-commercial evaluation of coal mining project/Rajesh Arora. 7. Financing the captive coal mines in India/Suvendu Bose. 8. The role of technology in economic self reliance/Naseem Aadil and Syed Tahir Ali Gillani. III. Modern underground coal mining technology: 1. Top coal caving technology in China and its application/Gao Youjin. 2. Underground mining in India: prospects, problems and innovative solutions/M.P. Dikshit. 3. Successful implementation of powered support longwall technolgy in India: a Road Map/B.N. Pan. 4. Asset life cycle management of underground coal mining machinery for mass production technologies/Lokesh K. Ray and Richard G. Leckie. 5. A retrospective assessment of longwall mining with a focus on successful mechanized underground mining technology/V.N.S. Prasad, M.U. Siva Sankar, S.K. Mukhopadhyay and Debasis Deb. 6. Intrinsically safe underground mine communication and tracking system: a state of the art solution for miner safety and operation control/K.P. Khaitan and Andy Stein. 7. Green mining and environmental issues in mining industry: 1. Mining, environment, social security and sustainable development in developing countries/Surendra Bordia. 2. Development of geo-environmental rationale for clusterization of coal mines for obtaining comprehensive environmental clearance: a case study of BCCL Lease Hold Areas/Gurdeep Singh, Biswajit Paul, Manish K. Jain, E.V.R. Raju and Rajarshi Das Gupta. 3. Results of the location and exploration of hidden coal fires in Samdih and Nimcha in West Bengal (India)/Hartwig Gielisch, Gautam Dhar and Niladri Roy. 4. Demarcation of coal fire in Jharia Coal Field, Jharkhand, India through satellite thermal remote sensing and GIS Technology/Alokesh Chatterjee, Asis Bhattacharya, Tanmoy Pramanik and Amitava Mukherjee. 5. Quantification of geoenvironmental degradation of Makum coalfield/Shantanu K. Dutta, K. Pathak and A.K. Bhattacharyya. 6. Application of fly ash in mining industry-a critical review/Manish Kumar Jain. IV. Development of mineral processing and beneficiation: 1. Clean coal-where India stands today/Kalyan Sen and Sachin Chattopadhyay. V. New Technology for opencast coal mining: 1. Utilising simulator training technology with the earthmoving industry to improve safety and productivity-immersive technologies/Al Haroun. VI. Biographical sketch of authors and technical committee members.

Vol. II. I. Modern underground coal mining technology: 1. Prefracturing of overlying strata, an effective strategy for successful implementation of longwall technology in underground coal mines of India/Mihir Choudhury. 2. Development of an angle cut pattern of blasting for higher productivity from underground coal mines using Pentadyne-HP explosive/C. Sawmiliana, R.K. Singh, N.K. Bhagat and P. Pal Roy. 3. A unique experience on shortwall mining in Indian coal mining industry/M.P. Dikshit and K. Mishra. 4. Design and stability analysis of underground metal mine workings/Subir Kumar Mukhopadhyay, Debasis Deb and K. Umamaheshwar Rao. 5. Distributed drive systems for long conveyors/Noshir K. Romani. II. Oil and gas sector: 1. Problems and prospects of oil and gas sector in India and its future development/T. Kumar. 2. Coal mine methane demonstration project at Moonidih: a success story/A.K. Singh, A.N. Sahay and B.N. Prasad. 3. Role of carbon dioxide in hydrocarbon production/G.P. Karmakar. 4. Emerging developments on polymer gel systems for water shut off jobs in petroleum production operations: an overview/Vikas Mahto and V.P. Sharma. 5. Challenges and prospect of CBM resource assessment and its role in clean energy security to India/T. Kumar and Keka Ojha. 6. Global Co2 storage scenario Vis-avis Indian initiatives/Aditya Kumar Patra and Khanindra Pathak. 7. Prospect of CBM as an energy source in India : past, present and future/Sudhansu Adhikari. II. New Technology for opencast coal mining: 1. Strategic technology development : surface miner MCL’s experience/S.R. Upadhyay. 2. Opencast coal mining in Northern coalfields limited-an environmental friendly approach/V.K. Singh and N. Das. 3. Planning of highwall mining operations/Pieter Jan Kleiterp. 4. Throw blasting-a focus on productivity and safety/M.P. Roy, P.K. Singh and A. Sinha. III. Development of mineral processing and beneficiation: 1. Crushing solutions for Rom sizing/Martin Wetter, Ketan Bandopadyay. 2. Modern Bulk material storage and reclaim methods/Tony Walker, Donna Walker, PE and Howard Walker. 3. Beneficiation of lean grade iron resources-a step forward/N.K. Nanda. 4. Dry coal jigging-a suitable alternative for Indian Power coals/Ing.Heribert Breuer, Richard J. Snoby, Sabyasachi Mishra and Dinesh Biswal. 5. Column bioleaching of low grade coper ores of Sungun copper mine of Iran/Maryam Kargar Razi, Ali Tolue, Zhra Manafi, Reza. Atashdehghan. 6. Advanced iron ore beneficiation techniques for optimized mining and steel production/Ing. Heribert Breuer, Sabyasachi Mishra and Dinesh Biswal. IV. Opencast coal mining: challenges and innovative solutions: 1. The reclamation of mine spoil dumps: scope and limitations of using geotextiles/S.P. Banerjee. 2. Fuel management solutions for mining firms/Christian Guttmann and Hemant S. Dahale. 3. Slope stability of internal dumps in deep opencast coal mines of Northern Coalfields Limited/N. Das, Indrajit Roy and P.D. Rathi. 4. Innovative signature hole blast analysis technique to predict and control ground vibration in mines/Partha Das Sharma. 5. Optimum configuration of external overburden dump slopes in Indian mining conditions: a case study/Radhakanta Koner and Debashish Chakravarty. V. Development of mineral industry: 1. A critical phase of iron ore industry: value addition and beginning steps at NMDC Limited/S.K. Mukhopadhyay. 2. A study into depletion of metallic minerals, fall in productivity and Asian investment prerogatives/Samindra Narayan Mitra. 3. Use of LVMC Coals in BF Coke making to improve availability of Indian coking coals/A.K. Singh, A.N. Sahay and H.K. Mishra. 4. Strategy for development of mineral resources of Orissa: possibilities and constraints/B.K. Mohanty. 5. A novel method for real time minerals processing monitoring via X-ray diffraction/Michael C. Mound. VI. Safety and social issues in mining industry: 1. A cross-sectional study of workers on exposure to respirable dust in an iron ore mine/Ashis Bhattacherjee and Sandeep Singh Ghosla. 2. Risk assessment of habitats in Ranigunje coalfield suspected to be unstable and a comprehensive strategy for future/S.K. Sarkar. 3. Land acquisition for mining in India/B.K. Pandey. 4. Digital detonators-unlocking the possibility of blasting near structures/A.K. Mishra, R. Daruka and Sanjay K. Singh. 5. Land reclamation monitoring of coal mining projects using remote sensing data and GIS/Rajneesh Kumar, N.P. Singh and P.K. Goswami. VII. Exploration and Planning: 1. Numerical modeling: a universal tool for rock mechanical mine layout and underground workings design/Ulrich Ruppel, Axel Studeny and Juergen Te Kook. 2. Fast-tracking exploration and resource definition of coal deposits by sing High resolution Seismic surveys/EB Teigler and B. Loske. 3. Webgis for mineral resources management in India/Arun B. Samaddar, R.K. Barik and R.D. Gupta. 4. Mine closure-global and Indian perspective/A/K. Debmath and S. Shekhar.

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