Architecture and Environment

Ashok Dingankar, Abhishek Publications, 2011, 110 p, ISBN : 9788182473225, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Architecture and Environment

Contents: 1. Importance of professionals in planning and creating meaningful urban environment. 2. Building material, accessories and electrical equipment for domestic/general use. 3. Solar (Sun) behaviour on buildings and environment. 4. Role of trees in shaping environment. 5. Case study of architect’s (Author’s) own house. 6. Process of building construction and coordination with various agencies. 7. Architecture and environment-conclusion.

There may be several books on architecture dealing with a specific subject, however there seems to be no comprehensive book revealing the concern of an architect to improve the quality of life of society, through his creative architectural designs, and in the process, his endeavour to deeply interact with a cross section of society and resolve them through imaginative, practical, environmental friendly and economical designs. The author has touched these issues in this book through various chapters like in chapter one importance of professional planning and creating meaningful urban environment is discussed in chapter two building material, accessories and electrical equipment for domestic/general use, in chapter three solar(sun) Behaviour on building and environment in chapter. In chapter four: role of trees in shaping environment is explained in chapter fifth case study is discussed. In chapter sixth process of building construction and last chapter seventh conclusion of architecture and environment is discussed.

It is a book for students; for young architects; for corporate world who seek advice of architects’ and encompasses an extraordinary range of expertise on materials, the sciences and the technologies that go into creating architecture of place as the book covers almost all aspects of eco friendly construction.

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